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For the most part, school sports keep kids and teens in shape. As kids get older, sports become more and more competitive. Teams are better and kids get bigger and stronger. For high school and College Sports, the sports programs are taken pretty seriously. In order to make these teams, kids and teens have to be in good physical shape. There is a lot of conditioning involved in almost every sport whether it is Golf or football. Any high school or college sport requires athletes to be in shape. Also once one is on a sports team, there is usually a good amount of conditioning involved. A lot of sports team hit the weight room and the track to build up strength and endurance. Also these teams usually practice everyday except for Sunday or course. So with practice everyday, including conditioning, school sports help you stay fit and healthy.

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sport can impact on school students as it's keping them active so they are not always stuck behind a desk

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well the students will get exsursize thus burning calories and fat thus makeing the school heathyer

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Most sports involve exercise. Exercise makes your body healthy. The best part is that you usually don't even know that you are exercising, because you are too busy having fun!

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Q: How can sports make a school healthy?
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Why you need sports in school?

Because it keeps you healthy.

What could sports do?

make you very healthy and fit

How does sports make your school healthy?

Soccer rugby cricket American football swimming dancing and athletics sport such as long distance running and shot put

How can particepating in sports make you healthy?

you can burn calories and lose weight and when you are done playing sports eat veggies or fruits to help stay healthy!

Can sports reduce depression?

Yes, it reduces depression and make you healthy.

What is great about sports?

Sports can be great because they are entertaning to watch and can make you healthy

How sports make you healthy?

Sports can make you healthy depending on what sport you play. For example, running is a continuous movement which helps you burn fat and lose weight. On the other hand if you are in a eating competition it would probably cause you to gain weight.

Can you go to a school that your not zoned for if you make a sports team?


What are 3 benefits that can be achieved through sports?

Sports help people maintain a healthy weight, keep muscles toned, and make your heart stronger.

Did Steve Jobs play sports during high school?

No. He was interested in technology. Steve Jobs was an avid dietarian and runner, so he lived a healthy lifestyle, but he was not interested in mainstream sports.

Why do sports make grades stay high?

Most high school sports programs have minimum grade requirements. If you don't make those minimum grades, you cannot participate in sports.

Why is important to consume a healthy diet?

because it dont make you fat it makes your body good for sports