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Lenin's group was the Bolshevik Party. After the October Revolution when it was the sole power in the country and all other political parties were being eliminated, it changed its name to the Communist Party in March 1918.

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The people who were apart of the revolutionary group led by the Lenin were called the Bolsheviks.

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Q: What is a person who was part of the revolutionary group led bu lenin called?
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What was the group that overthrew Vladimir Lenin?

No group or person overthrew Lenin. Lenin died of natural causes in 1924 while still in power.

What group did Vladimir Lenin represent?

Lenin represented the Bolsheviks. After they succeeded in the Revolution, they changed their name to Communists.

The Bolsheviks began as a small faction of the?

They began as a small faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, a Marxist revolutionary party.

Who was the Russian revolutionary leader who took control of the government in November 1917?

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks, the group that gained control of the Provisional Russian government in 1917.

What did Lenin have to do to achieve his revolutionary?


The leader of the Bolsheviks was?

Bolshevik revolutionary leader was Leon Trotsky

Was Lenin kicked out of school?

Lenin was expelled from Kazan University for his revolutionary activities and speeches.

What is Lenin most well known for?

Lenin was famous for being the leader of the Marxist revolutionary party known as the Bolsheviks and then orchestrating the October Revolution which overthrew the existing Provisional Government and set up a government controlled by him and the Bolshevik Party, which later renamed itself the Communist Party.

Who was the target audience of Lenin and his revolutionary actions?

The Workers.

What was Lenin's revolutionary party called?

Lenin's party was called the Bolsheviks, meaning majorityites, which was one faction of the Russian Marxist party. The other faction was called the Mensheviks, meaning minorityites. The irony is that there were more Mensheviks than Bolsheviks in the Marxist party, but Lenin chose that name for his faction because it held a temporary majority of one vote for a brief period of time. It was a huge psychological advantage over the other faction.

Who was Vladimir Lenin's wife?

Vladimir Lenin married to Nadezhda Krupskaya in 1898

According to Lenin Why must revolutionary activities be centralized?