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double chair

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Q: What is the most important position in skiing?
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What is the most important equipment for skiing?

I think all of the ski equipments are important because each of it serves best for you. From skis to boots all are significant for your skiing.

What are the primary muscles used in skiing?

It is important to stretch well before skiing, especially the buttocks, thighs, knees, shins, and ankles. These muscles are used the most when skiing, along with the biceps.

What is the normal body position for skiing?


What is heli-skiing?

That's when you use a helicopter instead of a ski lift to get to the start position of the skiing.

Is skiing important?


What type of skiing is telemark skiing considered to be?

Telemark skiing is a form of downhill skiing with a special binding technique, only the boottoes are attached to the skies and the heels are free. When taking a turn you are able to go in a lunge position.

What state is popular for skiing?

Skiing is the most popular in Colorado.

Most popular sport in Austria?

You can play most of the common sports in Austria but Austria is famous for its soccer and of course for the sports played in winter. skiing, snowboarding, ski-jumping and so on.

What is the most popular country for skiing?

It depends what type of skiing you want to do. There is cross county, helicopter skiing and downhill.

What is the concept of cat skiing?

Cart skiing, also known as snwowcat skiing, is downhill and off-trail skiing accessed by a snowcat instead of a ski lift. Being in a natural environment is important.

How important is skiing?

Skiing is a great sport. Skiing is fundamental for a lot of winter lovers, for example it gives a lot of jobs to the people who run the ski resorts.

Is alpine skiing a race?

If you are recreationally skiing, then no, it is not a race. It is a chance to have fun. Remember that staying in control and skiing safely is more important than going fast. However, there is a division of alpine skiing that focuses on racing.