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Q: What sport might you adopted the egg position?
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What Pokemon is in the egg at daycare?

You, you were adopted at birth.

What causes an incubated egg to dent?

When the egg is layed it is set in a position that it should stay in until hatching Moving the egg to a different position could cause the animal to die or the sack around the egg to deflate causing a weakening of the shell

Is egg toss a sport?

Of course its a sport. for details of the World Championship held in Swaton , England each year.

What is the function of the eggwhite?

Egg white holds the position of the embryo in the core (middle) of an egg shell.

Why might egg yolks and egg whites be separated?

The egg whites are healthier then the york

When does an egg get its chicken?

Not all eggs get a chicken. But those that do are often laid by them. So those eggs get a chicken the very moment they come into existence. It is also possible that a foreign egg is adopted by a chicken. In that case the egg would get its chicken when it was adopted. There would be a time limit for this, as eggs cannot stay viable forever on their own.

Will the egg break if placed vertical when we even stand on it.?

If you stand on an egg, it will break, regardless of it's position.

What is the name of this popular British sport features a egg-shaped ball?

Rugby Football

Can you move a turtle egg?

It is not recommended if you move the egg because if the egg is shifted the baby inside will die if u have to move it u must keep it in the same position!!!

How do you get a parrot to lay in egg?

It will lay an egg eventually if you put the opposite gender /male a female might lay an egg.

Do you get a egg in Pokemon Black?

If you put a Pokemon in the day care, you might end up with an egg.

How do you get a legendary egg in Pokemon white?

You can never get an legendary egg without a ditto. And then it might not work.