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Q: What are the positions in cross country?
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Can you name all sports with the word 'cross' in them?

Cyclo- cross, cross-country mountainbiking, horse cross-country, cross-country rally, motorcross, supercross, cross-country running, cross-country skiing, boardercross, golfcross, lacrosse, and polocrosse.

What are the names of the stars and their positions in the southern cross?


Cross country is to a skier as a what is to a runner?

cross country

Why would there be a rifle in the Winter Olympics?

For athletes to use when competing in biathlon. In the Winter Games, biathlon events are a combination of cross country skiing with rifle shooting. Competitors ski a cross country skiing track and at designated areas perform the rifle shooting, in both prone and standing positions.

What country was cross country formed?

Cross country running started in England

When was Cross Country USA created?

Cross Country USA was created in 1985.

When did Cross Country USA happen?

Cross Country USA happened in 1985.

When was Cross-Country Crime created?

Cross-Country Crime was created in 1995.

Does cross country provide exercise?

Yes, cross country does provide exercise

Can people born outside the country run for positions in that country?

it kinda depends on the country.

How do you become a cross country runner?

You go out and start running in a cross country environment.

What was the name of cross country before cross country?

There was no name before that, it was just running!