How many rules in hockey?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Well,there are many rules in the NHL.Lucky for you,I know a some of them.

1. Tripping("self explanatory")

2. Delay in game(Constantly hitting the puck up in the screen or in benches or audience.)

3. Icing(Throwing the puck down at the other end of the rink,mainly used so that team can get a breather and pass time.)

4. Unportsman like conduct(Giving the goalie a snow shower or trying to start a fight)

5. Roughing(Trying to start a fight or getting in a fight.)

6. Hand pass(The puck is in mid air and you catch it and pass it ahead to a fellow teammember,leading to a goal.)

7. Cross checking(Hitting another player with your stick on their jerseay numbers,so they fall down or hit the boards.)

8. Holding(Grabbing another player intentionally so they can not reach or get the puck)

9. Hooking(pulling someone away from the puck with your stick) (Similar to holding.)

10. Slashing(knocking the stick out of another players hands,hitting their body, or "slashing" their face)

11. High sticking(hitting someone in the face or just having your stick up which can lead to that.)

12. Boarding(Skating at an immense speed,so when you hit someone they immeadiatley,hit the boards.)

13. Snow shower(Skating really fast then,purposly stopping infront of goaltender,therefore giving them a blast of shredded ice.)

Well, those were not rules but those were things that can get you in the penalty box.(Except,for icing and possibly snow showers.)But,I have listed some rules as well.

1.If you have the puck,you can not enter the goaltender's crease.

2.You cannot have two(2) sticks at a time.

Sadly,that is all I know. Hope this was helpful!


(GO San Jose Sharks!!!!!)

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Q: How many rules in hockey?
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