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Open level means all age-when you reach the higher levels of a competition though it will be categorised into 2 sections open and ae division. If you are under a certain time for the age division, you move into the open and verse people of all ages.

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Q: What does 'open' level mean in swimming?
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When was U.S. Open - swimming - created?

U.S. Open - swimming - was created in 1985.

When was Level Field Fund-Swimming created?

Level Field Fund-Swimming was created on 2010-08-16.

What does junior open level 3 mean in cheerleading?

A junior team can not be Open. Only senior teams can be open. Open means there is no age limit.

What is open water swimming.?

Open Water Swimming is outdoor swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans etc. It can be undertaken with or without the use of a wetsuit. It is not advisable to swim alone in open water - it's better to go as a group. It is becoming a very popular activity - both as a sport (open water swimming races, triathlons, aquathlons) and also as a leisure activity.

What does starter mean in swimming?

it means start swimming

What is open swim?

Swimming outside - so outdoor swimming in some kind of lake or river.

Which is water sport at the Olympics?

* Swimming (including open water) * Diving * Water Polo * Synchronised Swimming

How do you spell swimming pool in German?

SchwimmbadAn open-air swimming pool is also known as a Freibad

What time does the kirkcaldy swimming pool open?


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Is open water swimming a olympic sport?


When did the olympic swimming start?

Swimming has been held at every Olympic games since 1896. Open water swimming was added in the 2008 Olympics.