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Swimming outside - so outdoor swimming in some kind of lake or river.

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Q: What is open swim?
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Related questions

Why do sharks swim with their mouth open?

Many fish swim with their mouths open. They swim with their mouths open because the water goes into their mouths and out their gills, which is how they breathe.

Is swim a closed or open syllable?

Swim is a closed syllable.

Can an alligator swing under water with his mouth open?

If you mean swim and not swing, then, yes, alligators can swim underwater open mouthed.

What is the open ocean?

the open ocean is a place where u can swim

What birds can swim underwater?

swan birds swim with there eyes open or close?swan birds swim with there eyes open or closePenguins can swim on water.Ducks can also swim on water.Swan can swim on water.

How do fish swim with their eyes open?

They have two eye lids. One of them is clear and is closed when they swim.

How do basking sharks swim?

with there mouth open

Is the beach open to swim in water?

yes it is

How do beluga whales get water?

they swim with their mouths open

Where do seals swim?

Seals swim in the ocean. They are also found swimming in bays, harbors, and occasionally, rivers which are open to the ocean.

What is the term open water swimming?

Its like when you swim outside

Do dolphins swim in open water?

yes they do but sometimes they dont

How much is open swim at the ymca without membership?

it is about $15

What is the price for the lapeer rec center open swim?


What how many pool laps is equivelant to a .5 mile open water swim?

The distance you swim in a pool is the same distance you would swim in open water. The difference is the difficulty. With open water swimming, the swimmer has to face waves, an undiverted wake, and air temperature; where as, a swimmer in a pool has lane lines to dissolve wake, a fixed temperature, and calm water.

Do puffer fish swim in the open?

all puffer fish swim freely in the ocean but they watch out for their pray all puffer fish swim freely in the ocean but they watch out for their pray

Why do hippo's swim with their eyes open?

The same reason you keep your eyes open when you walk, it stops them from bumping into things.

Who holds the Relay open water swim-world record?


Why can dogs swim with there mouth open?

put a jet engine in their mouth

How do you repel sharks?

if you do not want to attract sharks...... * do not swim if you are waring shiny stuff * do not swim if you have a cut or open wound * do not swim at night * do not swim alone * do not swim out far * do not swim near fishermen while they are fishing plus if you do get attacked by a shark kick or punch it's nose or pull out it's eyes, those are the week spots.

What can otters do?

Otters can swim at fast speeds, crack open oyster shells (and other crustaceans), and can even be taught to do tricks!

Sample sentence for the word beyond?

If you swim beyond that rock you will be in the open sea.

Why do sharks swim with there mouth open?

So oxygen will flow across their gills.

What days are you able to swim at dolphins cove?

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is open 7 days a week. Open from 8 am-5pm

Can kids swim at the y when theres a swim lesson?

Usually they can. It depends on the space available in the pool. Lessons will usually not take up the entire pool so i'm guessing the rest of the pool would be open to free swim.