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Q: Is open water swimming a olympic sport?
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When was swimming in the Olympics?

Swimming was introduced as an Olympic sport for men with the 100 metres and 1500 metres freestyle competitions, which were held in open water, in 1896.

In which Olympic sport are all events open to men and women?


Which is water sport at the Olympics?

* Swimming (including open water) * Diving * Water Polo * Synchronised Swimming

When did swimming at the Olympics start?

Swimming has been held at every Olympic games since 1896. Open water swimming was added in the 2008 Olympics.

Which sport is Taranath Shenoy associated?

Taranath Shenoy is a marathon swimmer and is associated with the sport of open water swimming.

What is open water swimming?

Open Water Swimming is outdoor swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans etc. It can be undertaken with or without the use of a wetsuit. It is not advisable to swim alone in open water - it's better to go as a group. It is becoming a very popular activity - both as a sport (open water swimming races, triathlons, aquathlons) and also as a leisure activity.

What is the newest sport to be in the Olympic games?

BMX racing and open water swimming made its debut in 2008 Women's boxing will debut in 2012 Golf and Rugby Sevens will be added in 2016.

Why do olympic swimmers wear smooth caps and swimming costumes men and women?

because the water should not open our mouth

What sport is Shelly Taylor Smith is a world champ?

She was a Open Water 25 meters swimming gold medalist in Perth 1991

FINA is the governing body of which sport?

FINA is the Fédération Internationale de Natation(International Swimming Federation).This body governs the following aquatic sports: Swimming (in Natatoriums), Open Water Swimming (seas and lakes), Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, and Diving.

In which olympic sport are all events open to men women?


In which olympic sport are all events open to both men and women?

ice hockey

When did the swimming became a part of the Olympics?

Swimming has been an Olymipic sport since 1896. It has been open to Women since 1912

When was the open water swimming event introduced to the Olympics?


What is the term open water swimming?

Its like when you swim outside

Swimming lengths in the Olympics?

Everything in hte pool is measured in meters. Open water swimming is measured in kilometers.

Is open water swimming dangerous?

Pool swimming is more safe to open water but their are always life boats and life guards around so you are always safe and if you feel like your in trouble you put up your hand and they come and get you.

What is the phobia name for being afraid of swimming in open water?

It is Aquaphobia.

Are there any sports beginning with O?

Obstacle Course Racing โ€” an event requiring an athlete to run through a variety of different obstacles. Offroad Boarding โ€” another name for Mountainboarding Off-Road Racing โ€” many motor sports have competitions 'off-road', meaning on rough terrain. Oil Wrestling โ€” a form of wrestling called YaฤŸlฤฑ GรผreลŸ in Turkey, is where the wrestlers cover themselves in oil. Oinฤƒ โ€“ a Romanian traditional sport, similar in many ways to Baseball and Lapta played outdoors by two teams of 11 players, taking turns either batting or catching. Okinawan Kobudล โ€” weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts, also known as Ryลซkyลซ Kobujutsu. One Day International (ODI) โ€” a form of Cricket played in a single day, usually 50 overs per team. An even shorter version is the Twenty20. open water (ocean) swimmingopen water (ocean) swimming One-Pocket โ€” a version of Pocket Billiards where the objective is to pocket all the object balls into a single pocket. Open Water Swimming โ€” competitive swimming races conducted over various distances (10km at the Olympics) held in rivers, lakes and oceans. Orienteering โ€” participants find their way to various checkpoints across rough country with the aid of a map and compass, the winner being the one with the lowest elapsed time. Outdoor Handball โ€” another name for Field Handball. Outrigger Canoeing โ€” racing using a type of canoe featuring one or more lateral support floats known as outriggers, which are fastened to one or both sides of the main hull. Over-the-line โ€“ a bat-and-ball sport related to baseball and softball with just 3 people per team. Unlike the other sports, the batter and pitcher are on the same team. Oztag โ€” a form of Tag Rugby

Which sports is ' FINA ' associated with?

FINA is associated with aquatics. The federation currently oversees competition in five aquatics sports (swimming, synchronized swimming, open water swimming, water polo and diving).

What is open water evaporation?

It is the calculation of water evaporation from lakes, ponds, outdoor swimming pools, etc.

Who holds the record for the mens 10000 meter swim?

Although there is no distance beyond 1,500m in the swimming pool, there are longer distances in open water swimming competitions where both men and women compete in races from 800m up to 80km+. The 10km open water swim is now an Olympic event being included in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 for the first time, with the ggold medalist being Maarten van der Weijden from the Netherlands in 1hr 51minutes 51seconds. The recent World Swimming Championnships in Rome (2009) also included open water swimming, with the three distances being competed being 5km, 10km and 25km. The mens 10km open water was won by Thomas Lurz of Germany in 1hr 52minutes, less than 1.5 seconds ahead of the second placed swimmer! Since the weather and water conditions can affect the time of the race dramatically FINA do not hold World Records for open water swimming however Maarten van der Weijden's performance is the Olympics was the first 10km swim under 1hr 52minutes

How do you say corkscrew in a sentence?

I used a corkscrew to open the bottle. I did a corkscrew in the water when I was swimming.

When was U.S. Open - swimming - created?

U.S. Open - swimming - was created in 1985.

What days are the olympic fun center open?

Is the Olympic fun center open