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The pockets are the same size on all pool tables sold in the US. 5 inch opening for the corners and 5 1/2 inch for the siides, plus or minus 1/8 inch for each.

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Q: How big are the pockets on a 4' by 8' pool table?
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Why would your pool table only have 4 wide corner pockets?

It is not a pool table if it only has 4 pockets. If the table is from the 1700's, it could be an antique pocket billiards table.

Who made the first pool table?

It was not a pool table if it only had 4 pockets if it was made since about 1800. A 4 pocket table is most likely a bumper pool table.

What is 75 percent green has 4 legs and 8 pockets?

a pool table

What is the radius of holes in a pool table?

There are no holes in a pool table. The pockets are formed by the edges of the rails and the drop area is a semi-circle cut in the table surface. The radius of the semi-circle is 2 1/16 inch at the corner and 2 1/4 inches at the side.

What does a pool table look like?

Simple,... A big, green rectangular table. You're welcome A pool table has 4 legs and it's usually made out of wood. It has a total of 6 holes around the outside. Here is a picture.

What are the sizes of pool tables and what are the pocket widths?

The pocket openings for pool tables are measured between opposing cushion noses where the direction changes into the pocket (from pointed lip to pointed lip). This is called mouth. Corner Pocket Mouth: between 4.5 [11.43 cm] and 4.625 inches [11.75 cm] Side Pocket Mouth: between 5 [12.7 cm] and 5.125 inches [13.0175 cm] *The mouth of the side pocket is traditionally ½ inch [1.27 cm] wider than the mouth of the corner pocket.

Is there a picture of a 4 x 8 pool table?


What are the release dates for Hammered with John and Jimmy DiResta - 2006 Pool Table 2-4?

Hammered with John and Jimmy DiResta - 2006 Pool Table 2-4 was released on: USA: 4 April 2007

What is the measurement of internal dimensions of a pool table?

In the US, a pool ball is 2 and 1/4 inches. If you wish to measure it for wear and out of round you need to purchase a special tool or use a micrometer. To be a legal ball it cannot be out of roound by more than 0.005 inches.

How do you find info on a 4 foot round slate and marble pool table with one off center hole how do you play it?

its called a bumper pool table but im not sure how to play.

How to Maintain a Pool Table?

How to Maintain a Pool Table Though every pool player wants to focus on his or her game, he or she must nevertheless learn how to maintain their table. If a pool player expects his or her table to last, they need to take proper care of it. This involves, taking care of the cloth, the leather, and the wood You want to keep your table in good condition, or you may experience complications with your game play. To get the most accurate game play out of your table, keep it tidy and clean at all times. Some easy and helpfully tips to maintain your pool table follow. Step One: The bed cloth needs to be ironed in the direction of the nap, for the first seven times that it has been used. After that, do this once every six months. Your iron should be set on a medium heat and low steam. Alternatively, you could use a damp, lint-free towel to wipe over the cloth. You should only use hot water and do not use any form of detergent. Step Two: Never drink liquids or eat on or near you pool table. Step Three: Keep the pool table out of direct sunlight. This will prevent the fabric from losing its color. Step Four: Never lean or sit on the pool table. Extra weight that is put on the pool table can damage the seams of the cloth or make the table unlevel. Step Five: When brushing the cloth on the table, brush the cloth in the direction of the 'nap'. This is a slightly raised area on the table which is covered by the cloth. Step Six: Use lint rollers to remove dust particles from the cloth of the table. Step Seven: Do not use vacuum cleaner attachments to clean the top of the table. This can cause the cloth on the table to buckle. Step Eight: Clean the rails of the pool table using high quality furniture polish or wax. Step Nine: Every six months, use leather condition oil to clean any leather parts of the pool table. Wipe the pockets of the pool table with the same conditioner. You should perform maintenance procedures on your pool table regularly. If you use your pool table frequently, clean it at least once a month. If you use your pool table irregularly, be sure to clean it 4-6 times a year.

What are the dimensions of a pool table light?

As per the, pool table lights should be hung 30" above the playing surface of the table. That way the light will not shine in your eyes and properly light up all the table.