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It is not a pool table if it only has 4 pockets. If the table is from the 1700's, it could be an antique pocket billiards table.

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2012-09-17 00:44:38
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Q: Why would your pool table only have 4 wide corner pockets?
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Who made pool tables with only four pockets?

It was not a pool table if it only had 4 pockets if it was made since about 1800. A 4 pocket table is most likely a bumper pool table.

How big are pool table pockets?

Regulation pool table pockets are the same size whether for an 8 foot or 9 foot table. These are also the same size on a 7 foot table. The pockets are measured both at the mouth and the throat, and are different for sides and corners. There are other measurements needed, but these are the important ones for most people -Corner pockets - mouth 4 7/8 inch minimum, 5 1/8 inch maximumCorner pockets - throat 4 inch minimum, 4 1/4 inch maximumSide pockets - mouth 5 3/8 inch minimum, 5 5/8 inch maximumSide pockets - throat 4 3/8 inch minimum, 4 7/8 inch maximumUnder BCA Rules, corner pockets are 5 inches, side pockets are 5 1/2 inches, both are plus or minus 1/8 inch.Under Billiard Congress of America Rules the corner pockets are required to have a 5 inch opening, plus or minus 1/8 inch, and side pockets must be 5 1/2 inches, plus or minus 1/8 inch.Under BCA Rules, only the following pocket sizes are legal -Corner Pockets - Mouth 4 7/8 to 5 1/8 inches; throat 4 to 4 1/4 inchesSide pockets - Mouth 5 3/8 to 5 5/8 inches; throat 4 3/8 to 4 7/8 inches

Who put a pool table in the White House?

John Quincy Adams had the first billiards table placed in the White House. Congress would not pay for it, so he paid for it himself. I do not know whether Adams' table had pockets. Pool and billiards are often used interchangeably, but some use billiards only to mean a pocketless game. The current pool table in the White House has pockets and was installed by George W. Bush.

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