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No, it will not break paint. "Underboring" (using a barrel with a smaller bore than the paintball), is a thing used to gain maximum efficiency and consistency from a paintball marker, since no air is escaping around the paintball, and the same amount of air is pushed against it every time.

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There are no 69 caliber guns. There are over sized barrels, but they all use .685 standard paintballs.

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Q: Will a 69 calibre paintball barrel chop 68 calibre paint?
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What brand of paintball markers that does not chop and is very accurate?

The proto slg is very accurate even with the stock barrel

Why does your paintball gun chop paint?

chopping paint is when the paintball is pinched between the bolt and feedneck which "chops" the paintball in half, this commonly happens when cheap paint or brittle paint is used or it occurs when bolt is moving faster than the hopper can feed the paint. *edit* a CHOP is when the ball breaks in the marker itself normally in the breach. a BREAK is when the ball breaks either in the barrel or the air. THEY ARE 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS

Does paintball temperature effect the accuracy of the gun?

they are more lickly to chop when they are hotter they'll break inside the gun and that isn't very good when your in the middle of the battlefield. and if it does happen you have to clean the barrel with a squeegie or a cloth or something.

What is the best paintball for the tippmann 98 custom platinum or just for the tippmann 98 custom?

The best type of paintball for the 98 series is a mid grade paint (anything around 60 dollars like Diablo All Star). As for any gun, you don't want to just buy the cheapest paint possible (monster balls) because of the poor consistency and tendency to bounce after impact, but too high quality paint (easily breakable) in a Tippmann will chop a lot of paint.

What is act technology in a paintball gun?

ACT stands for anti-chop technology. Sometimes in a paintball gun the paintball does not fall all the way into the chamber. If the ball isn't all the way in and the bolt is pushed forward it can "chop" the ball in half. Anti chop technology can sense when the ball doesnt move and stops the bolt. Break beam eyes do the same thing but are more expensive

What does it mean to cut a paintball?

you probably mean chop, its when a paintball is not fully loaded in the breach of the marker before the bolt comes forward and chops it in half

What is the eye on a paintball gun?

A part inside of the breach that uses a laser to detect if there is a ball in the chamber. It does this so that the bolt does not chop the paintball in half before it is fully in the chamber and ready to fire.

Can you use 45 caliber paintballs for a 50 caliber paintball gun?

There are no 45 caliber paintballs. If there were, you still could not use them in a 50 caliber, due to the barrel being larger and that you would have 1 and 1/4 paintballs in the chamber at a time, which would chop every time.

What one is better mongoose ii 2 led bbs paintball gun or spyder sonix 09 paintball gun?

While both of them are truly poor quality guns, The better one in this case would be the mongoose just because it has eyes, which will cut down on the amount of paint you will chop. I would recommend however that you look at the Azodin Kaos which is of much better general quality than sypder or diablo guns.

What are the release dates for Chop Cut Rebuild - 2004 Two Tone Paint with Tunes 4-10?

Chop Cut Rebuild - 2004 Two Tone Paint with Tunes 4-10 was released on: USA: 24 September 2007

What are the release dates for Chop Cut Rebuild - 2004 Tight Torsion and Tangelio Paint 4-8?

Chop Cut Rebuild - 2004 Tight Torsion and Tangelio Paint 4-8 was released on: USA: 10 September 2007

Does the smart parts vibe chop paint balls?

No. The low pressure bolt minimises the chance of a ball being chopped.