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The proto slg is very accurate even with the stock barrel

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2010-05-13 20:32:40
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Q: What brand of paintball markers that does not chop and is very accurate?
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How do you make your paintball gun stop chopping balls?

well first off is it a chop or a break? if its a chop its probably that your feeding balls to fast and if its a break its probably your bolt or eyes ( if your paintball gun has eyes)

What is act technology in a paintball gun?

ACT stands for anti-chop technology. Sometimes in a paintball gun the paintball does not fall all the way into the chamber. If the ball isn't all the way in and the bolt is pushed forward it can "chop" the ball in half. Anti chop technology can sense when the ball doesnt move and stops the bolt. Break beam eyes do the same thing but are more expensive

What does it mean to cut a paintball?

you probably mean chop, its when a paintball is not fully loaded in the breach of the marker before the bolt comes forward and chops it in half

What is the eye on a paintball gun?

A part inside of the breach that uses a laser to detect if there is a ball in the chamber. It does this so that the bolt does not chop the paintball in half before it is fully in the chamber and ready to fire.

What is red dog chop paste?

The question is a little unclear and further details are needed to give an accurate answer.It looks like it could be one of two things:1. A brand of red ink paste used for stamping official papers.2. A brand of paste you can find in an Asian grocery store for flavouring Chop Suey.

Will a 69 calibre paintball barrel chop 68 calibre paint?

No, it will not break paint. "Underboring" (using a barrel with a smaller bore than the paintball), is a thing used to gain maximum efficiency and consistency from a paintball marker, since no air is escaping around the paintball, and the same amount of air is pushed against it every time.

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Is chopping bad for a paintball gun?

Generally the opposite is true, If a paintball gun is "bad" it will chop paint. But chopping paint will not break your gun (further?) they are designed to take direct hits from paintballs, so one breaking inside is not a problem as long as you clean it out later.

Is an electic paintball gun better?

Yes they are faster shooting and in general in better quality. Their only disadvantage is battery time and durability. But yes, they shoot faster, can use eyes to chop less paint, are more air efficient and can change firing modes. E markers are no less durable than their mechanical counterparts, the only markers that have a direct comparison are the entry level and autocockers since they each have both mechanical and electronic versions of the same markers. Having a e-frame on it doesn't make the internals more prone to breaking since they are the same internals in the body. As for the frame, you can just as easily snap a trigger pin as you can pinch a wire

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