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The best type of paintball for the 98 series is a mid grade paint (anything around 60 dollars like Diablo All Star). As for any gun, you don't want to just buy the cheapest paint possible (monster balls) because of the poor consistency and tendency to bounce after impact, but too high quality paint (easily breakable) in a Tippmann will chop a lot of paint.

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Q: What is the best paintball for the tippmann 98 custom platinum or just for the tippmann 98 custom?
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What is the best site to get paintball guns?


What is the best paintball gun not at competition level?

Tippmann 98 custom, only 100-150 bucks. What makes it the best is the flatline barrel you can buy, so much pwnage

Can you send your Tippmann 98 Custom to someone over the internet to reasemble?

There are 3rd party builders who will do such a thing. But your best bet would be to take it to a local paintball shop.

Where is the best place to buy a paintball gun?

Anywhere that is an official paintball pro-shop. Maybe certified by Tippmann or any paintball company.

Where is the best place to buy the tippmann 98 custom in Calgary?

Your best bet would be to find a specific paintball shop or field. Canada is known for its field and shop called "The Badlands". They should have everything you need.

Which retailer has the best deal on paintball gun packages?

Canadian Tire has the best deal on paintball gun packages. One can also get best deal from paintball online store. Amazon has Tippmann 98 package for $154.

Which paintball grenade brand gets the best reviews?

Paintball grenades are a great outdoor sports option. The most highly regarded paintball grenade brand would be Empire. Another good brand is Tippmann.

What is the best paintball gun for starters?

The best guns for beginners are the beginner teir mechanical Tippmann and spyder-type guns. This includes all Tippmann 98 types like the BT4 and Sypder clones like the azodin Kaos.

What is the best tippmann paintball gun?

The Tippman x7 Phenom is the best of all of them. It is the only Tippmann with a spool valve, and can switch from auto with battery, to semi without. All of the other markers are just the 98 with a cyclone feed and a different outer shell.

How much does paintball guns cost?

A paintball maker aka gun can cost anywhere from $50 to $2,000 depending on the type you get. Tippmann is the best gun for it's price at around $150-$300. Anything below $150 is usually very cheap unless it's Tippmann you can get as many as you want for 1 penny

Is tippmann the best kind of paintball gun?

They are decent guns, but not the "best". They are relatively cheap, durable, and with great performance. Their mechanical firing system does make it tricky to fix, however the trade is the accuracy. If you are just starting or have been playing for years you can't go wrong with a Tippmann.

What is a good paintball brand?

if you are talking about paintball markers themselves, it all depends in your style of play. For speedball, the best brands include are: -Planet Eclipse -Dye -Smart Parts -MacDev -Dangerous Power -Angel as for woodsball: -Tippmann -Kingman (Spyder) -BT

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