Why should people play sports?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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So they can try something new and you might get better at it, you never know. Or you might like it.

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To stay fit.

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Q: Why should people play sports?
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Should handicapped people be able to play sports?

Of course they should, why not?

A lote of people should get freash air when they play sports?


Why should people not play sport?

somepeople might not like sports and they dont want to play them its there choice

How many sports do most people play?

most people play sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball and baseball these are the most popular sports people play them.

Do they play any sports?

Some people play sports, who are they?

What is the estimate of how many people play sports?

89% out of 100% people play sports.

What sports do Hindus play?

they play all the sports other people play

Should everyone play sports?

No. many people are unable to do so. For a variety of reasons.

Why should bullies be able to play sports?

Usually, people who are good at sports aren't just left out, bullies or not. Part of playing sports is learning to deal with the people who are a bit difficult.

Who are those people who love's to play sports?

I love to play sports

How many people play sports?

Many people play sports. But the United States has the most athletic people.

What is the percent of people that play coed sports?

About 52% of people play and prefer to play coed sports says CHACHA