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I love to play sports

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Q: Who are those people who love's to play sports?
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Does kesha like to play any sports?

she loves to play rugby :)

What do you call A person who loves to play sports?


Do kids suffer from not playing sports?

Some people dont want to play sports, and those people dont suffer! It all depends on what you like to do.

What does a sports attorney do?

A sports attorney provides legal advice and service to sports people and those working in sports. They may handle disputes between sports players and the teams they play for.

Why are heart ratess different?

It depends on how old you are, how healthy you are and also how much sports you play. People who play lots of sports have better endurance than those who dont

Does J.K. Rowling like to play sports?

Yes! He loves Sports but he prefers WRITING more.

Make your own Q?

kaitlin loves to play sports

Did marshall mathers do any sports?

he loves to play basketball

What sports does Robert Pattinson play?

well, he loves pool and darts i know those aren"t sports, but hes really not that kind of person. pool and darts are close enough to that type of stuff.

What sports do Pierre Bouvier play?

Pierre loves basketball and he used to be a swimmer in high school. He also loves to surf

Why do people loves to play sports?

Because it is good exercise and it gives you a good opportunity to play with your friends. Also it makes you skinny

What percent of high school students who don't play sports use drugs vs those who do play sports?

It is a fact that 67% of the people who don't play sports do not get involved with drugs. 23% of the kids do choose to do drugs.. It is said that sports keeps your mind off other things.

Why did they play those sports during ww II?

People don't stop playing sports because there is a war on. They played sports for the same reasons they always did.

What is the estimate of how many people play sports?

89% out of 100% people play sports.

How many people in the world play fantasy football online?

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), 57.4 million people in North America will play fantasy sports in 2016. About 77% of those, or ~44M people, play fantasy football. The number of people who play fantasy football outside of North America is negligible.

Do they play any sports?

Some people play sports, who are they?

How many sports do most people play?

most people play sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball and baseball these are the most popular sports people play them.

What sports do Hindus play?

they play all the sports other people play

What hobbies or sports does Mila Kunis enjoy?

She loves to play World of Warcraf

How many people play sports?

Many people play sports. But the United States has the most athletic people.

What is the percent of people that play coed sports?

About 52% of people play and prefer to play coed sports says CHACHA

Did John F. Kennedy play any sports?

yes he played football and he loves it

How many people play professional sports out of all the people who play sports?

The answer to this question is obviously a big number it is roughly 12.7 million people in the world that play professional sports of some kind!

What are Nick and Kevin Jonas's favorite hobbies?

Nick loves to sing and play his instruments. He also loves to play various sports- his favorite is baseball. Kevin loves playing his guitar and searching for other guitars at guitar stores.

Do more people play FIFA 11 Wii and Kinect sports than the real sports?

More people play real sports for sure !