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Because being hit on the shin by a ball or stick without them is extremely painful (and might give you a major injury as well).

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To protect your face.

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Q: Why do we wear shin pads in field hockey?
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Why do the players wear helmets and knee pads?

in ice hockey you will need a helmet neck guard chest protecter/shoulder pads elbow pads, jack(M) or jill(F) hockey pants, hockey socks, shin pads and good skates.

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

Gears that hockey is played in?

full hockey gear requires: skates, shin pads, a cup, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, a helmet and a stick. Players also wear socks over their shin pads and a jersey over their torso. Optional gear includes neck guards, wrist guards, visor or cage, and a mouthguard, among others.

Do you wear shin pads in volleyball?

No, you can wear knee pads that go on your knees to help with digging.

List every thing that hockey player's have to wear?

Cup, Shin pads, socks, pants, chest portector, elbow pads, jersey,skates, helmet, neck guard, gloves, stick

Do goalkeepers wear shinpads?

Yes, goalkeepers wear shin pads.

Outline the kind of safety aids that players in a range of sports might use to prevent injuries?

equipment wise there are: helmets (football, baseball/softball ,hockey, lacrosse) men usually wear cups soccer and field hockey there are shin guards baseball players wear guards when hitting to protect the side facing th pitcher football, hockey, and lacrosse players wear all types of padding volleyball players sometimes wear pads on their knees field hockey and female lacrosse players wear eye masks strething can be considered an aid for preventing injuries

How do you wear hockey shin guards?

Slide them on from the bottom of your feet

Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?

yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse

What are equipments in hockey?

It all depends on the age/regulations of the leagueThese are the requirements for most leagues:Jock strapShin guardsBreezers/pantsSkatesShoulder padselbow guardsgloveshelmet/usually facemaskmouthguardneck guard-usually in youth leaguesdon't forget your stickSkates, helmet, gloves, cup or jock, shinpads, hockey socks, hockey pants, elbowpads, shoulderpads, neckguard, jersey and stick.

What sports wears the most padding?

My guess would be Ice Hockey. Given that American football players wear shoulder and leg pads as well as a helmet; ice hockey players are required to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, padded pants, elbow pads, and shin/knee pads. Don't forget the padded skates, gloves, and mouthguards!

How do you properly wear shin pads?

Well,, lets just say that if you want to keep your shins in a good shape and not sore and red... Wear the shin pads. Some random guy can kick your shin or the ball could be kicked at a great force and you could be deaply hurt. So please use you shin pads. Hope this helps,, xx