Who throws a eephus pitch?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Rip Sewell made it famous, Bob Tewksbury and Kaz Tadano are the only recent players I can think of who threw one, although Dave LaRoche threw a "LaLob" which was comparable.

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Q: Who throws a eephus pitch?
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Who was the first person to throw an eephus pitch?

Rip Sewell is credited with inventing the eephus pitch.

What is an Eephous pitch?

An "eephus" pitch is a low velocity throw with a high arc, designed to trick the batter by disrupting his timing. Although the origin of the name "eephus" isn't definitively know it's suspected that it may be based on the Hebrew word "efes" meaning "nothing".

What is the eephus pitch?

When I caught in highschool it was used as a brutally slow change up. Sometimes the pitcher would throw it 10 feet in the air in a huge arc. Very demeaning to the batter. See Web Links for Video of the eephus pitch in action, Cleveland vs. New York, July 24, 1970.

How do you grip the eephus pitch?

eephus pitchlookin to be a good pitcher?...............well this is agood pitch grab a ball ......ok now pick up the ball like a change up when you throw lob it a bit and watch it strike out the batter There is a certain way you need to hold an eephus. You need to grab a baseball. The two seams you would hold to throw a two seamed fastball need to be side to side instead of up and down. Then you hold the bottom seam with your thumb and index finger. Then you throw it as a normal fastball and as you throw it the ball will fly out of your hand with the rotation going forward. Then as the ball gets closer it just tumbles down a good 5 feet. I learned to throw this from my pitching coach who played 4 years D2 ball.

When a pitcher throws to a base to keep a runner from stealing are those throws added to his total game pitch count?

No, only pitches to home plate count towards the pitch count.

If you ask for a pitch out and the pitcher throws a strike is it a strike?


Does a runner have to retouch the base before the pitcher throws the next pitch if the previous pitch was fouled out of play?

no they do not

Does a hitter get a RBI if the pitcher throws a wild pitch allowing a run to score?


Who throws the eephus pitch on MLB 2k9?

you're best bet would be Tim wakefield. starter for the Boston red sox Also i picked up Charlie Haeger. For the dodgers i found him in the triple a spot. Sorry i forgot to mention Charlie Zink a minor leaguer for the redsox who's okay. Also RA Dickey for the Twins he is also okay. I tryed to throw Charlie Haeger for a start and he didn't do good but i was also playing all-star difficulty for the first time so that might of been a problem.

What is a submarine pitch in baseball?

Watcj Mike Meyers Pitch for the yankees, He kinda throws underhand and his knuckles come very close to the ground.

How does the pitcher pitch the ball in softball?

a pitcher throws a softball under hand in a circular motion

Do Cal Ripken leagues use a pitch count?

Cal Ripken uses an innings count instead of pitch count. If a pitcher throws even one pitch, it counts as a whole inning.