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no they do not

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Q: Does a runner have to retouch the base before the pitcher throws the next pitch if the previous pitch was fouled out of play?
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How many fouls before free throw in basketball?

it depends on were your standing and how you were fouled. when your in the lane and your going up for a shot and your fouled than you get your frees.

How many fouls in basketball can a player have before fouled out?

6 fouls

How many fouls is a player allowed before being fouled out?


Can a player who is fouled out before overtime in basketball come back during overtime?


Will fouled spark plugs couse a Chevy 350 not to crank after cleaning the carb?

no The starter should engage whether the plugs are fouled or not. However, the engine may not start if enough plugs are fouled. If you feel that you have flooded the engine or fouled the plugs you may need to clean them before it will start. If you have caused the carburetor float level or other settings to be significantly changed, the engine will flood and it will not start.

Are 4 fouls an out?

No, in the NBA a player has to reach 6 fouls before he's "fouled out".

Where do you go if you get fouled in the act of shooting?

Where do you go, if you fouled in the act of shooting?

Can a player get credit for an assist when the scorer gets fouled?

Yes. If the pass would be considered an assist if the scorer was not fouled, it is also considered an assist if the scorer was fouled.

How do you use fouled in a sentence?

The basketball great fouled three times in the game.

If a pitcher starts from stretch and comes to the set position runner steals second base and touches it pitcher delivers pitch and it's fouled off does runner go back to first base?

Yes, the runner would go back to 1st base if the batter fouls off the pitch.

Who shoots the foul shot if the person who was fouled is hurt?

The person who got fouled who is hurt

How many fouls to get fouled out in NBA?

You need six fouls to get fouled out in a NBA game.

How many foul balls can you hit before you are considered out?

you can hit'em all day long If it's on a bunt attempt and you fouled on the third attempt you would be out. So if the batter attempted to bunt on all three strikes, and fouled all of them, (3) would be the limit.

What is fuel mix for Yamaha IT 200?

I just bought an 85 IT 200. The previous owner had problems fouling spark plugs until a shop told him to mix it 36:1. He hadn't fouled a plug since then.

Has Michael Jordan ever fouled out?

Yes, Michael Jordan has fouled out of at least 10 games.

How many fouls can a player make in big east basketball before fouling out?

4. On your 5th foul in college basketball you have fouled out of the game.

Can a basketball player be fouled by two people simultaneously?

Yes, if they fouled the player at exactly the same time.

In college basketball if someone gets fouled can another player shoot at the foul line for another player?

In college and in the NBA if someone is fouled they have to shoot free throws. Only time I can see if they get another player to shoot is if the player that was fouled gets fouled very, very hard, if he gets knocked out or has to go to the hospital and is seriously hurt, they may let another person take his place, or give the team two points, most likely to make it fair, they'll get another person to shoot. But I've never seen that kind of stipulation before.

What is a fouled anchor?

A fouled anchor is a Naval symbol that's a anchor with a chain wrapped around it. A fouled anchor has long been the symbol of the Cheif Petty Officer. It symbolizes trials and tribulations that every officer has to face. A fouled anchor is an anchor that has caught on an obstruction on the bottom or one that has become tangled in its own hawser or chain making it difficult to raise.

How many times has Kobe Bryant fouled out of a game?

Only once.Kobe fouled out December 5,2005 vs Jazz.He also had 30 points

What does and 1 mean in basketball?

i means when u get fouled that u make the shot when you get fouled then you go to the line to shoot a free throw and you make it

What does it mean when a basketball team is in the bonus?

Each team can foul seven times before each foul results in automatic free throw shooting. When a team is in the bonus, they have been fouled at least seven times in that half, and anytime a member of this team is fouled, they automatically will be shooting a free throw, even if the foul occurs in a non-shooting situationl

What is a free throw in basketball?

A free throw line is the line players shoot from when they are fouled while shooting or fouled when the opponents have 4 team fouls.

Can a player that has fouled out shoot technical foul shots for his team?

No - once a player has fouled out of the game he/she is disqualified and not permitted to perform any role on the court.

Is it considered a shot attempt if the player is fouled on the attempt?

Yes, it is...if the shot is made. If the player is fouled on the shot attempt and misses the shot then it is not recorded as an attempt.