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Q: If you ask for a pitch out and the pitcher throws a strike is it a strike?
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the catcher does that he apples to 3rd or 1st ...Answer to the question:First off, why would the offensive manager want to appeal a half swing on a ball? By doing this he is taking the risk that his batter will have a strike called on him!! However, you are looking for an answer to your question. YES, the manager can request the umpire to ask his partner or other umpire for help on an appeal if the original call was a ball (an appeal cannot be made on an original strike call). You were correct, this is all covered in Section 9.02(c) -- The rule is longer then what i have included but this it the part the relates to your question:9.02(c) "The manager or the catcher may request the plate umpire to ask his partner for help on a half swing when the plate umpire calls the pitch a ball, but not when the pitch is called a strike. The manager may not complain that the umpire made an improper call, but only that he did not ask his partner for help...."

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