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In 2012, the Steelers 2nd string quarterback is Byron Leftwich, and the 3rd string is Charlie Batch.

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The injured Byron Leftwich is now the 3rd string quarterback for the Steelers. Dennis Dixon will be the starter and Charlie Batch will be his backup.

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Q: Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers third string quarterback while Ben Roethlisberger is out?
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Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks?

Ben Roethlisberger- 1st stringCharlie Batch- 2nd stringDennis Dixon- 3rd string

Which former Steeler quarterback who wore 7 played at Pitt as a quarterback. Only to make it as far as 3rd String for the Steelers?

Pete Gonzalez

What American football team does Dennis Dixon play for?

Dennis Dixon is a third string quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League. He was drafted in 2008 by the Pittsburgh Steelers and has since moved on. He graduated from the University of Oregon.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers fullback in 2010?

David Johnson played fullback for the Steelers in 2010. He was also the teams third string tight end.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback before Kordell Stewart?

The Steelers drafted Kordell Stewart in 1995. That season he was third string behind starter Neil O'Donnell and backup Mike Tomczak. O'Donnell left the Steelers for the Jets after the 1995 season and, for 1996, Stewart was the backup behind Tomczak. He took over as starting QB in the 1997 season.

Who were the backup quarterbacks for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010?

Charlie Batch, Dennis Dixon and Byron Leftwich all served as backup quarterbacks in 2010 for the Steelers. Dennis Dixon was put on injured reserve after week 2.

Who wears number 10 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, punter Mat McBriar wears #10 for the Steelers.

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers second string linebackers in 2001?

Mike Jones, John Fiala, Justin Kurpeikis, and Clark Haggans.

Who is the broncos current quarterback?

Kyle Orton is the first-string quarterback. Brady Quinn is the second-string quarterback. Tim Tebow is the third-string quarterback. And as of the time of this answer, Tom Brandstater is the fourth-string quarterback.

What were the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers third string quarterbacks when they won the Super Bowl?

SB43-Dennis Dixon SB40-Tommy Maddox (was 2005 starter, played a little when Ben Roethlisberger was hurt, was then benched in favor of Charlie Batch) SB14-Cliff Stoudt SB13-Cliff Stoudt SB10-Joe Gilliam SB09-Terry Hanratty

Second string quarterback salary?


Was there an African-American quarterback by the name of Harris that played 2nd or 3rd string for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

I do not think there ever was. There was a backup by the name of Joe Gilliam in the early 70s who backed up Brandshaw and Hanratty. He did start a few games - I believe he was the first African American QB to start a Monday Night game...I think he also played in Superbowl IX.