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Q: What is a third string quarterback?
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Who is the broncos current quarterback?

Kyle Orton is the first-string quarterback. Brady Quinn is the second-string quarterback. Tim Tebow is the third-string quarterback. And as of the time of this answer, Tom Brandstater is the fourth-string quarterback.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers third string quarterback while Ben Roethlisberger is out?

In 2012, the Steelers 2nd string quarterback is Byron Leftwich, and the 3rd string is Charlie Batch.

Who was the Packers third string quarterback at the start of the 1995 season?

T. J. Rubley

Who is the gators quarterback?

Tim Tebow was the University of Florida's quarterback for 2009-2010. For the 2010-2011 season, John Brantley (Junior for 2010-2011 season) will be first string quarterback. For second and third string, see the Universities athletic website.

Is there a point that a quarterback in the nfl can't return to the game?

i think that if u have your third string quarterback in in the fourth than the first and second strings cant come back

What year did Rodney Peete play for Dallas?

Rodney Peete was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1994 season. The team's third-string quarterback that year? Jason Garrett.

Has there ever been a third string quarterback who led the team to the playoffs?

texans rookie TJ Yates year 2011-2012

Was Tony Romo a third string quarterback for Troy Aikman?

No. In fact, Aikman had retired from the NFL before Romo ever started playing.

Second string quarterback salary?


Who was the dallas quarterback right before aikman?

Aikman took over as starter in the 1989 season. In the 1988 season, Steve Pelluer was the starter, Kevin Sweeney was second string, and Danny White was third string.

Who was the Buccaneers quarterback in 1999?

Alternating the #1 and 2 roles for the Bucs in 1999 were Trent Dilfer and Shaun King. Eric Zeier was the third string QB.

Was Tim Tebow a first string quarterback for the New York Jets in 2012?

No, he was not. In 2012, Mark Sanchez was the New York Jets first string quarterback.