Who did the Gators play in the 1994 SEC Championship game?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Alabama Crimson Tide

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Q: Who did the Gators play in the 1994 SEC Championship game?
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the Florida gators and oaklahoma

Who did the Oklahoma sooners play in 2000 for the national championship?

they played the Florida gators in the orange bowl for the national championship

What was the first scoring play in the 1994 NFC Championship game?

The first scoring play in the NFC Championship game played January 23, 1994 between the Cowboys and the 49ers was a five yard TD run by Emmitt Smith. The Cowboys went on to win the game 38-21.

Did the Florida gators win the national championship for 2009?

No, the Alabama Crimson Tide won and went on to play Tennesse.

Who do the Gators play for?

The Gators don't play for anyone. They are a national college football team, called the Florida Gators. Their home field is known as "The Swamp."

Who did Ohio state play in 2002 for championship?

IT depends on which one but the most recent was Florida and Ohio state lost 42-17

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The Cowboys have won eight NFC Championship games.

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the Greenbay packers

Who did the Eagles play in the 2005 NFC championship game?

The Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons 27-10 in the 2005 NFC championship game.

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About 70.

When did Lex Smith play for the Florida Gators?

1989 as QB started in one game after the original QB was suspended for gambling

Who did the chargers play to get to 1994 super bowl?

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