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the Greenbay packers

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Q: Who did the Giants play in the 2007NFC championship game?
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When was the Last time Minnesota Vikings went to division championship game?

Prior to the 2009 season when they will play the New Orleans Saints for the NFC Championship, that was the 2000 season when they played the New York Giants for the NFC Championship. The Giants won that game 41-0.

What year did the packers play the giants in the nfl championship game in Milwaukee?

An NFL championship game has never been held in Milwaukee proper, however, the 1939 NFL championship game between the Packers and Giants was held at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis. The Packers won, 27-0.

Did the NY Giants play in any Championship games?


Who did the bears play in the 1933 NFL championship game?

They Played The New York Giants The Score Was ( 23-21 ) The Bears Won

In what year did the Giants play their first game?

The New York Giants' first game was in 1925.

How many NBA teams play in the championship?

Only two NBA teams play in one year's championship game.

Who did Dallas play in the NFC Championship game?

The Cowboys have won eight NFC Championship games.

Who did Alabama play in the 1992 National Championship game?


Who did duke play in 1991 national championship game?


What is the annexation of Puerto Rico play?

The play they did on the little giants to win the game .

Did YA title play football for the NY Giants?

Yes, he spent the last four seasons of his career (1961-1964) with the Giants. He was named to the Pro Bowl three times with them and led them to the NFL Championship Game in 1961, 1962, and 1963.

If you where watching tjensan francisco giants play a home game in what state would be?

If you are watching the San Fransisco Giants play a home game, the state would be California.

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