Who do the Gators play for?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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The Gators don't play for anyone. They are a national college football team, called the Florida Gators. Their home field is known as "The Swamp."

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Q: Who do the Gators play for?
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Did adirian Peterson ever play for the Florida gators?


How many former gators currently play in the nfl?


Who will upcoming play in the BCS bowl championship?

the Florida gators and oaklahoma

Did chris weinke play quarterback for the Florida Gators?

No. Florida State.

Did Chris Weinke play for the Florida Gators?

Chris Weinke played for both the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers, but never played for the Florida Gators.

Did Louis oliver play for Florida gators?

yes Louis oliver played for da gators he had your mom last night don't u remenber ulgy

Are the Yankees the best team ever to play any sport?

no the Florida Gators

How many Super Bowls have the gators won?

None.They don't play in the Superbowl.

Who did the Gators play in the 1994 SEC Championship game?

Alabama Crimson Tide

What bowl will the Florida gators go to in the 2010-2011 season?

Most likely they will go to the gator bowl. Which is cool if u r a Gator fan. (Like me) The gators will play probably one of these teams Penn state, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Iowa. If you are a gator fan you probably want the gators to play Penn state or Michigan because they will be able to keep up with them in a game. If they play Iowa or Wisconsin then it will be very tough to keep up with them. Oops never mind the gators will probably not play Wisconsin because it looks like Wisconsin is going to the rose bowl.

Did cortez Kennedy play for Florida gators?

No, he played his college ball at the University of Miami.

Is it true that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against the Florida Gators?

No they can't play each other since they are not in the same organization. The Buccaneers are an NFL team whereas the Gators are a college team.