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They are the same gun with slight variations. The sonix has a hand grip, clamping feedneck and different ASA hose and the victor is slightly cheaper because it doesn't have those things.

Neither of these guns are very reliable or what could be considered "good"

I would look into the Azodin Kaos before buying either one of these.

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Q: Which is better spyder victor or spyder sonix?
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What is better Spyder Sonix or Spyder Victor?

The sonix, because it has an actual hand grip.

Which paintball gun is better Spyder sonix or Spyder MR1?

It depends on what you are going to use it for... If you are going to play more speedball, get the sonix... If you are going to play more woodsball, get the MR1.

Does a spyder sonix gun use a c02 tank?

Spyder Sonix can use any Co2 or HPA tank

Can a spyder sonix 2007 use a spyder 2007 e trigger?


Is the Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic better than the Spyder Electra with eye?

No, The Electra is Spyders "step up" from the victor. It is inside the same as the victor, but also has electronics and other features. The same with Tippmann, Azodin, and many other companies, they release a low, mid and "high" end gun together. The victor in this case is their cheapest and most "bare boned", then the Sonix, and then the Electra.

Can i make my spyder sonix gun full auto if so how?

Buy a Spyder E-trigger.

How do you change the Safety Catch on a Spyder Sonix Paintball Gun?

It is not recommended you do this for safety reasons.

Which is better spyder victor or spyder aggresor?

they are the same design so i would say whichever is cheaper

What is better tag 5m recon or spyder victor?

The spyder victor is a more reliable gun than the JT. You should also look into the Azodin Kaos.

How do you unjam a spyder sonix?

Disconnect the air source, pull up on the bolt, and slide it out of the back.

How many shots can you get with a 12oz co2 tank with a spyder victor?

I have a spider sonix,and I can shoot probably about 1000 before it gets low

Is the spyder victor 09 or the spyder aggresor a better gun?

It is a low quality, cheap starter marker. It shoots, and that's about it.