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I have a spider sonix,and I can shoot probably about 1000 before it gets low

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If it is a good fill, you can expect an average of 500 - 700 shots depending on your marker.

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Q: How many shots can you get with a 12oz co2 tank with a spyder victor?
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How many paintballs can a spyder victor 3000psi marker shoot with a 16oz tank?

You are looking at around 500 shots. Victors are not the most efficient markers out there, especially with Co2

How many shots can you get with a 12oz CO2 tank with a tippmann 98 custom pro?

Roughly 600

Is the Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic better than the Spyder Electra with eye?

No, The Electra is Spyders "step up" from the victor. It is inside the same as the victor, but also has electronics and other features. The same with Tippmann, Azodin, and many other companies, they release a low, mid and "high" end gun together. The victor in this case is their cheapest and most "bare boned", then the Sonix, and then the Electra.

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How many shots 24 co2 oz?

depends on the marker but if it is an etry level marker (tippmann 98 or clone, spyder or other stacked tube blowback) i would expect somewhere in the range of 1500 shots

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