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its either the umpire call that runner goes to first if he or she thinks there is no attempt made by the batter. it could be ball 1 or 4 or strike if it cross the strike zone the ball would still be consider dead if the ball is a strike

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Q: When you get hit by a pitch in little leagu. your options?
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Can you hit a pitch that bounces first in little league baseball?


How does the piano?

When you play a piano you hit the keys. When you hit the keys you trigger little hammers that hit strings in the piano which vibrate and the pitch depends on the diameter and length of the string.

What is it call when you get hit by a pitch in baseball?

HBP...hit by pitch.

What does bp hbp mean on baseball stats?

HB means hit batsmen: the names of the batters the pitcher has hit by a pitch. HBP means who the hit batsmen are.

Does HBP count as a hit?

No, a hit by pitch does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for hit by pitch.

What is the max pitch speed in little league World Series?

Their fastballs are around 70mph, the equivalent to 90mph in MLB. ESPN shows the conversion to MLB since they pitch from 60'6" and Little League is only at 46'. Whatever it is, I'd be pressed to hit it.

What is the pitch that is hit the most in baseball?

The fastball is the pitch most thrown and most hit in baseball.

How many times can a pitcher hit the batter?

a little league pitcher can hit a kid up to 4 times but it depends on wear like if you hit them in the head twice than your out and cant pitch but if you hit them inb the leg then you can hit them again unless you hit someone twice in 1 inning

Is hit by pitch scored BB?

No, BB is for a base on balls or walk. Hit by pitch would be HBP.

How is piano used?

The piano is used by hiting the keys on the front of the piano. Each key has it's own unique sound. The black key's pitch are a little higher or lower. The keys are attached to hammer like tools that hit strings. Each key has a unique sound or pitch because the hammer like tools hit different length strings. The shorter the string, the higher the pitch, the longer the string the lower the pitch.

How many players are hit by a pitch each season?

According to Baseball Reference, in the 2007 season there were 942 batters hit by a pitch in the National League and 813 batter hit by a pitch in the American League.

Is the batter considered Hit by a pitch that has hit the ground first?