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When the pitcher balks.

Or, when caught illegally such as with an illegal glove, or in your equipment (hat, mask,shirt, etc.).

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Q: When is a caught fly baseball not an out?
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What is an easily caught hit?

A fly ball in a MLB baseball game i doubt you will see a player drop and fly ball.

If there is a fly ball in baseball and the runner makes it two first then the ball is caught is it a out?


What is a fungo?

A fungo is a fielding practice drill in baseball in which a person deliberately hits fly balls in order to be caught.

What should the batter when a fly ball is caught?

When a fly ball is caught, the batter doesn't do anything but go back to the dugout.

In baseball after a fly ball is caught can the fielder touch the bag with his elbow to double a runner up?

Yes, provided he has control of the ball at the time.

Baseball what is a pop-up fly?

A pop fly is when the ball is hit and it goes in the air. If a pop fly is caught before it hits the ground, the batter is out. Grounders are balls that are hit on the ground that roll.

How do you fly anywhere in Pokemon Diamond?

You capture a Pokemon that has wings and find HM fly teach it to the Pokemonthat you caught and then go on to the menu and click Pokemon and thenclick the Pokemon you caught and then it says fly and just click fly.

Why is the verb fly not spelled flied in past tense?

The past tense of "fly" is "flew" because it follows an irregular verb pattern. "Flied" is a term used in baseball for a batted ball that is caught in the air.

Can you fly fish in saltwater?

Grey mullet can be caught using fly fishing techniques.

In softball what is a fly ball?

A fly ball is when the ball is hit high up in the air. A fly ball is almost always caught, so a line drive is the best thing to hit in softball.....Or its a sport where you use flies to push a ball into a goal.

Does a caught fly ball count as a hit in softball?


What do you call a fly ball catch?

A "Fly out" or "Pop Out" -- generally if it is caught in the outfield it is called a "Fly Out", a ball in the infield is called a "Pop Out"