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He took only 708 wickets only and retired

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Q: When did Shane warne get his 900th wickets?
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How many wickets did Shane Warne take in Ashes matches against England?

Shane Warne is the leading wicket takers with 195 wickets.

How many times Shane Warne took 5 wickets in an innings in Test Cricket?

Shane Warne has taken 5 wickets 37 times in an inning of Test Cricket.

Who was first australian to get 400 test wickets?

Shane Warne

Who has Most wickets in all forms in cricket?

Shane warne

How many wickets Shane Warne got in tests?


Who has the most wickets taken at the scg?

In test matches Shane Warne 64 wickets at 28.12.

Who are the highest wickets takers in one 1 day cricket?

Shane warne

Who took the most no of wickets in 1999 World Cup?

Shane Warne took the most no. of wickets.He took 20 wickets.

Which Australian player has taken the maximum number of wickets in test match?

Shane Warne

Who is better abadul qadir or Shane warne?

Shane Warne is widely regarded as the best leg spinner in history. He has more wickets than any other leg spinner.

Who is the 2nd most wicket taker in test matches?

Its Shane Warne now. He has 708 wickets

How many wickets did Shane Warne take in his last ashes test at 'The Oval' in England?