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Q: How many wickets did Shane Warne take in his last ashes test at 'The Oval' in England?
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How many wickets did Shane Warne take in Ashes matches against England?

Shane Warne is the leading wicket takers with 195 wickets.

What year did England last win the ashes in Australia?

England won Ashes in 2005. by the margin of 2-1 where Micheal Vaughan was Captain. But Andrew Flintoff was very impressive along with Shane Warne both with Bat & Ball. No they won the Ashes then in England, not Australia.

Shane Warne plays cricket for which country?

Shane Warne played for Australia. However, he no longer plays. he retiered in 2006 after englands 5-0 ashes thrashing in Australia.

England's leading wicket taker in the 1993 Ashes series?

Peter Such took 16 wickets in the 1993 Ashes

Ashes is associated with hockey or soccer?

Neither. It is associated with Cricket. It is a competition between England and Australia which origianated when the wickets were burned and the ashes were put into a small urn.

Who took 16 wickets in 86-87 ashes?

Graham Dilley took 16 wickets in the 1986 Ashes Cheers Dan

What are you thoughts on England having no skill of playing spin bowling?

England really has never been a good team in dealing with spin bowling. After all during the Ashes Series, Shane Warne almost every time got many wickets. So when England go to places with big spinning wickets like India and Sri Lanka they will never perform as well as if they were playing on a fast bouncy wickets. Batsmen like KP who like to try and "sweep" spinners and play across the line will never make as much runs as he can against pace bowlers. England batsmen need to take some time in the nets just practicing to play different types of spin. The English ground staff should also prepare some slow turning wickets for the English players to practice on.

Who was the batsman who got out on what is now regarded as the 'Ball of the Century'?

The Ball of the Century, which occurred on the second day of the first Test of the 1993 Ashes series, was bowled by Shane Warne to Mike Gatting.

Who has taken the most wickets in the ashes history?

James skevington!

Leading wicket taker in the 2009 ashes?

ben hilfenhous- 18 wickets

Whose ashes are in the Ashes trophy?

They aren't the ashes of a person. The tradition is that it is the ashes of the bails from the wickets of the first Ashes test. The name came from a editorial of a newspaper saying (after an English defeat) that English cricket had died and the ashes sent to Australia.

How many wickets did Howard Larwood take in the 1932-33 ashes series?

Firstly, his name was Harold Larwood, and he took 33 wickets in that series

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