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Shane warne

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Q: Who has Most wickets in all forms in cricket?
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Who took most wickets in the all world cup cricket series?

Glenn McGrath with 71 Wickets over all World cup matches

Who took most wickets in Cricket World Cup till today?

Glenn McGrath with 71 Wickets over all World cup matches

How many wickets did imran khan get in test cricket?

You get sixwicket in a cricket match and if a man has done all his wickets he has finished his job of batting.

How many runs and wickets has MS Dhoni taken in One Day cricket?

In all forms of List A cricket, as of March 2011, MS Dhoni has scored 7841 runs in 235 matches, at an average of 48.40. MS Dhoni has taken 2 wickets with the ball in List A cricket, at an average of 18.00.

What does took five wickets mean in cricket?

Five wickets means that five batsmen came to the crease and were all out.

Who was the first Indian to take 400 wickets in Test cricket?

Former Indian captain and great all-rounder Kapil Dev is the first Indian bowler who took 400 wickets in the test cricket.

What is the most number of innings a team can have in cricket?

Two in a Test match an one in all other forms of cricket

Who is the first cricketer to take all ten wickets in a single innings in test cricket?

Anil Kumble

How many outs in cricket do you have?

you have ten outs in a game but you can bat out your innings without getting all 10 wickets.

Who is the second bowler in the world in the history of cricket to claim all 10 wickets in an innings?

Anil Kumble of IndiaIn February 1999, Kumble bowled out Pakistan 10 for 74, becoming only the second player in the history of Test cricket to take all ten wickets in an innings (after Jim Laker of England in 1956).

Is sachin tendulkar all rounder player in odi?

Yes, he was one of the best all-rounders in ODI cricket. He took 152 wickets for India in ODIs. Also he was the first man to get 10,000 runs with 100 wickets. His best bowling figure is 5-32. He got two 5 wickets haul.

What is All Out in Cricket?

When The Batting Team Loses All 10 Wickets, The Team Is "All Out". But As One Team Consists Of 11 Players, 1 Player Will Always Remain Not Out.....

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