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The Browns became the Baltimore Ravens after the 1995 season. The NFL arranged for a new Cleveland Browns team to begin playing in 1999.

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Late 1995.

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Q: What year did the the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore?
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What year did the Browns move to Baltimore?

The Browns played in St. Louis between 1902-1953. They moved to Baltimore for the 1954 season and became the Orioles.

What year brown move to Baltimore?

the Browns moved after the 1995 season.

What year did the browns become the ravens?

The Cleveland Browns franchise moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens after the 1995 National Football League season. The City of Cleveland obtained a replacement Browns team in 1999.

What year did the Cleveland Browns go on hiatus from the NFL?

In 1996, owner Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore, changing their name to the Ravens.

What were the Boston Red Sox called before they were the Boston Red Sox?

The Baltimore Orioles are an American professional baseball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. As one of the AL's original eight charter franchises when the league was established in 1901, this particular franchise spent its first year as a major league club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Milwaukee Brewers before moving to St. Louis, Missouri to become the St. Louis Browns.

What year did the Baltimore Ravens get established?

Former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell moved the franchise to Baltimore after the 1995 season. The Ravens name was determined by fan vote and debuted in Baltimore for the 1996 season at Memorial Stadium on 32nd street. In 1998, the team moved to its new stadium at Camden Yards, which is now M&T Bank stadium.

What year did Cleveland Browns return from hiatus?


What was the first year the original Cleveland Browns were in the NFL?

The Cleveland Browns entered the NFL in 1950 after having been in the AAFC since 1946.

When was last time Cleveland beat Pittsburgh twice in same year?

Yes, the Baltimore Ravens accomplished this twice. It was in 2006 and again in 2011.

What year did the AFL-NFL merger occur?

The AFL-NFL merger occurred in 1970. At that time there were 10 teams in the AFL and 16 teams in the NFL. To even the number of teams among the two new conferences (AFC and NFC) the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Colts, and Cleveland Browns agreed to move from the NFL to the AFC so there could be 13 teams in each conference. There have been six new expansion teams enter the NFL since the merger: 1976 - Tampa Bay, Seattle 1995 - Carolina, Jacksonville 1996 - Baltimore (The owner of the team in Cleveland moved his players to his new franchise in Baltimore in 1996, leaving Cleveland's team in Cleveland, but officially inactive. In 1999 Cleveland was activated, but were technically not an expansion team). 2002 - Houston (The team previously in Houston moved to Tennessee in 1997). EDIT: The owner of the Browns until the 1995 season desided he wanted to move to Baltimore. The NFL, Modell ( owner ) and the city of Cleveland came to the argeement. Modell could take his players with current contracts go Baltimore and would start the 31st NFL Franchise .( Jacksonville being 30th ) NFL/Cleveland kept Cleveland Browns history, championships , colors and overall heritage in Cleveland for a expansion team when the time was right by turning the Browns organzation into a holding company ( Cleveland NFL football LLC) until the next owner took over. The NFL considers both the 46-95 Browns & 99- present Browns the same team so the Baltimore Ravens are the 31st NFL Franchise. FACT: Baltmore and Tampa Bay are the only post merger teams to win a Super Bowl.

What year did Jimm Brown play for the Cleveland Browns?

1954 to 1964.

Who was a tight end for the Cleveland Browns for 22 year?

Ozzie Newsome