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Q: In what year did Bernie Kosar start playing for the Cleveland Browns?
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In what year did Bernie Kosar start playing for the Cleveland Indians?

Kosar never played MLB. You must have the Indians confused with the Cleveland Browns of the NFL.

In what year did Bernie Kosar start playing for the Clevland Browns?


Who wore 19 for the browns?

Bernie Kosar

How many NFL teams did bernie kosar play for?

3. 1985-1992: Cleveland Browns 1993: Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys 1994-1996: Miami Dolphins

What is Bernie Kosar known for?

Bernie Kosar is best known for being an American football quarterback for big teams such as the Cleveland Browns, the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. His last game was in 1996 for the Miami Dolphins.

Who was the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in 1964?

Bill Nelsen was the starter, Mike Phipps and Don Gault were backups.

Does bernie kosar own the browns?

No Randy Lerner is the owner.

Who is Bernie Kosar and why is he important to the Cleveland Browns?

He was their quarterback from the mid 80s to early 90s. The fans liked him a lot because he was from Ohio and he led the Browns to a couple of AFC championship games.

Who is Bernie Kosar?

Bernie Kosar was the starting QB for the Browns from the mid 80's to the early 90's when he was replaced by Vinny Testeverde and traded to Dallas. Bernie was a fan favorite and led the Browns to 2 AFC championship games. He was also part of the group that brought the Browns back to the NFL in 1999.

Who were the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks since 1999?

In 1986, Bernie Kosar was the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback.

What number did Bernie Kosar wear?

Kosar, who wore No. 19 with the Cleveland Browns from 1985 to 1993, switched to No. 18 when he played for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1993 season. He finished his career whearing No. 19 for the Miami Dolphins from 1994 to 1996.

What nicknames does Bernie Kosar go by?

Bernie Kosar goes by B.J..