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Just three: Roger Craig, Marshall Faulk, and Christian McCaffrey.

Most recently, McCaffrey inched over the 1,000-yard receiving mark in the Panthers’ final game of the 2019 season—he finished the year with 1,387 rushing yards and 1,005 receiving yards. McCaffrey, a third-year back, was a major bright spot on a 5-win team that started 3 different quarterbacks; he’s the only player to go 1,000/1,000 for a losing team.

Before him was Faulk, who hit the milestone in the Rams’ championship season in 1999. In his sixth NFL season and first with the Rams, the elusive back caught 87 passes for 1,048 yards, and he rushed for 1,381. Faulk was an especially adept pass-catcher in the Rams’ high-powered offense, often lining up at receiver.

The first to do it was Craig on the 1985 49ers. Like McCaffrey, Craig accomplished this in his third NFL season. With 1,016 receiving yards, he’s the only player on this list to lead his team in that category, and he also managed 1,050 yards on the ground with the fewest rushing attempts on the list (214).

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In the NFL through the 2008 season, only LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers with 100 receptions and 1645 rushing yards in 2003 has done that.

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Marshall Faulk

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Q: What players have had 1000 yards rushing and 100 receptions in a yr?
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Roger Craig in the 1985 season with 1050 rushing yards on 214 attempts and 1,016 receiving yards on 92 receptions. Marshall Faulk in the 1999 season with 1381 rushing yards on 253 attempts and 1048 receiving yards on 87 receptions.

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