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Tony Canadeo with 1052 rushing yards in 1949.

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Q: Who was first green bay packer to rush 1000 yards in a season?
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Who holds the record for most passing yards in a single season as a Green Bay Packer?

Lynn Dickey with 4,458 yards in 1983.

WHich packer player gained more than 2000 total yards in one season?

Ahman Green of the 2003 Packers with 1883 rushing yards and 367 receiving yards.

What Packer QB has the most passing yards in a season?

Bart Starr

Who was the first Green Bay Packer to gain more than 8000 career rushing yards?

Jim Taylor

Who did Brett favre throw is first pass to as a green bay packer?

Himself. On his 1st play as a Green Bay Packer, Favre threw a pass that was deflected & was caught by himself for a loss of 7 yards.

Who was the first NFL quarterback to throw for 1000 yards in a season?

Arnie Herber of the 1936 Green Bay Packers with 1239 yards passing.

What packer quarterback holds the Green Bay record for most passing yards in a single game?

Matt Flynn with 480 passing yards against the Detroit Lions on January 1, 2012.

Who was the first NFL player to record 1000 yards receiving?

In a season, that was Don Hutson of the 1942 Green Bay Packers with 1211.

How many total yards did the Packer quarterback have for this postseason?


Who has the longest kickoff return in packer regular season history?

I believe Randall Cobb just did it against the Saint -- 108 yards. September 8, 2011.

Who was the first 1000 yard rusher in Green Bay Packers history?

Tony Canadeo. Canadeo rushed for 1,052 yards in the 1949 season.

How many yards did Payton finish with in his first season?

In Walter Payton's first NFL season (1975) he had 196 rushing attempts for 679 yards and caught 33 passes for 213 yards.

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