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In what? Please be more specific!

In Baseball or in cricket?

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Q: What is the record for 2 out runs scored by one team in a season?
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What's the most runs scored by Tampa Bay Rays?

At the start of the 2008 season, the Rays team record for most runs scored in a game is 19 against the Yankees in 2006 and the Blue Jays in 2004. The Rays record for most runs scored in an inning is 11 against the Mariners in 2000.

What baseball team has scored the most runs during the playoffs?

The record for most runs scored by a major-league team during a single season is 1,212; set by the Boston Beaneaters (now the Atlanta Braves) in 1894. The modern-day record is 1,067; achieved by the New York Yankees in 1931

What baseball team scored the most runs?

Ever? The Chicago Cubs, who have scored 91,908 runs in their history. In a season? The 1931 Yankees, who scored 1,067 runs that year (record since 1901, records before then are wonky). In a game? 30, by the Texas Rangers, 8/22/2007

What is the record for the second most points scored by an NFL team in a single season?

This record is held by the 1998 Minnesota vikings. They scored 556 points on the season.

What team has a record of home runs in one season?

In MLB through the 2008 season, the record for home runs by a team in one season is 264 by the 1997 Seattle Mariners.

Whats the least runs scored by an MLB team in a baseball season since 1961?

The 1962 Mets only scored 451 runs, during the entire year. This is the lowest amount of runs scored by any team with 162 game schedule.

What team hold record for points for a season in NCAA football?

Points Scored, Season (14 games) 716 - Oklahoma 2008

Which MLB team has scored the most runs with two outs in the 2009 season?

i think the Yankees

What is the modern day record for most runs scored by a major league team?

29,Kansas City Royals

What team holds the record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League Season?

Manchester United hold the record for the most amount of goals scored in one Premiership Season. In the 1999 - 2000 season, Manchester United scored 97 goals. Dwight Yorke scored 20, and Andy Cole scored 19 goals respectively. The record as of now is Chelsea F.C. with 103 goals in the 2009/2010 season. they took first in the league by one point behind Manchester United.

Who holds the Mets record for runs in one game?

The Mets team record for runs scored by a player in a game is 6 by Edgardo Alfonso in a game against the Astros on August 30, 1999.

What is the test record number of runs scored in an over by Brian Lara?

It took ONE innings for Lara to establish that record. A test match consists of two innings- both sides batting twice, except in a case like this: Team A bats first and scores 400 runs. Team B bats and is out for 100 runs. Team A then has the option to enforce the 'follow-on', making Team B bat its second innings immediately. If this happens, and Team B is out for 100 runs again, then Team A wins by batting one innings and 200 runs.