What team has a record of home runs in one season?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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In MLB through the 2008 season, the record for home runs by a team in one season is 264 by the 1997 Seattle Mariners.

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Q: What team has a record of home runs in one season?
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What MLB team holds the record for the least home runs hit in a single season?

California Angels.

What is the record for most solo home runs in a season by a team?

In 1997, the Seattle Mariners hit 264 home runs to set the MLB record.

What is the most home runs by one team in a season?


Which team did Babe Ruth hit his 60 home runs for?

Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in 1927 for the New York Yankees, breaking his own single season home run record of 59 set in 1921.

What team holds record for stealing home most times in a season?

the yhankes

What team hit the most home runs in one season?


Who will be considered home team in the 2010 Super Bowl AFC or NFC?

It is based on each teams season record. That will determine the home team.

How many home runs in 2007 baseball season for the Phillies?

The Phillies hit 213 home runs in the 2007 season. Ryan Howard led the team with 47.

In the 2009 season which team has the most walkoff hits and home runs?


What year were the most home-runs hit?

If you mean by an individual player, the answer is Barry Bonds: 73 home runs in 2001. The American League record is still owned by Roger Maris, who hit 61 home runs in 1961. If you mean by a team, that record was set by the Seattle Mariners in 1997 with 264 home runs. If you mean the highest single-season major league total, the most home runs hit in the major leagues in a single season occurred in 2000, with 5,693.

Which New York Yankees baseball player holds the team record for most home runs as a New York Yankee?

The single season record is 61 by Roger Maris. The all time record as a Yankee is held by Babe Ruth with 659.

Which team of brothers holds the record for most home runs in major league baseball?

Hank Aaron (755 home runs) and his brother Tommie (13 home runs) hold the major league record for career home runs between two brothers with 768.