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It took ONE innings for Lara to establish that record. A test match consists of two innings- both sides batting twice, except in a case like this: Team A bats first and scores 400 runs. Team B bats and is out for 100 runs. Team A then has the option to enforce the 'follow-on', making Team B bat its second innings immediately. If this happens, and Team B is out for 100 runs again, then Team A wins by batting one innings and 200 runs.

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The test record number of runs scored in an over by Brian Lara is 28.

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Q: What is the test record number of runs scored in an over by Brian Lara?
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Who was the first batsman to scored 400 runs?

Brian Lara is the first and only batsman to date to have scored 400+ in a Test match.

Whose record did Brian Lara beat?

The person's record that Brian Lara beat was Matthew Haydens. The record was for the highest score ever recorded in the game of cricket.

What west Indian batsman scored 77587 runs?

brian lara

Where did Brian Lara break the world record?


What was the highest number of runs ever scored by a single team in a Major League Baseball inning?

Brian Lara has scored 400* in an inning.

Who holds the record for highest score in test cricket?

Brian Lara a retired west indies cricket player does. He scored 400 against England in 519 balls

Which Cricketer has scored the most 4's in his Test Match career?

Brian Lara

How many times have Brian Lara scored 400's in the international matches?


Sachin Tendulkar has broken the record of which cricketer to emerge as the highest run getter in Test Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar Broke Brian Lara's Record of highest runs 11953 & has currently scored 12917+* Runs.

Who holds the record for highest test score in am innings?

brian Lara

Who has scored 374 or more than that in one inning in test match cricket?

Brian Lara (400*) Matthew Hayden (380) Brian Lara (375) Mahela Jayawardene (374)

Which cricketer holds the world record for runs in a test match?

brian Lara