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The pass is a difficult move for may beginning players. This skill looks easier than it actually is when performed. Once the ball is served, the player who will pass the ball gets into position under the ball with knees bent, hands up and fingers cupped. All the fingers and the two thumbs contact the ball, but the ball does not touch the palm of the hand.

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A pass is a bump or a set, but usually means a bump. A bump is where you put both your hands together and let the ball bounce off them. A set is where you have your hands apart and you "catch" the ball extremely briefly and then push it away from you. The sequence of passes in an advanced game is traditionally a bump from one of the three people in the back of the court to the person in the middle front of the court, called a setter. The setter sets a ball to someone in the front left or right position of the court, who then spikes it at the other team.

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Q: What is the pass and how is it used in volleyball?
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Can a foot be used to pass the volleyball?

No, it cannot

What bones are used in a volleyball forearm pass?

ulna and radius

What volleyball technique is used to hit the volleyball when the volleyball travels below the waist?

You should pass (bump) the volleyball when it is below your shoulders. You will get the best contact with the volleyball this way.

Pass in volleyball?


What is the pass in volleyball?

A Bump.

Why is the set pass used in volleyball?

It's used to center the ball, so that a teammate may easily redirect it.

Are there any current world records for volleyball?

480 volleyball pass

How is a pass used you n volleyball?

The pass is usually used to direct the ball to the setter, so that the setter can set the ball to the hitter, and the hitter can spike it on to the opponent's side.

What does a back player do in volleyball?


What is the did past in volleyball?

a long pass

In volleyball is the bump also known as a backhand pass?

No, forearm pass.

In volleyball is the bump aslo called the backhand pass?

the forearm pass.