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No, forearm pass.

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Q: In volleyball is the bump also known as a backhand pass?
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Is the bump also known as the backhand pass in volleyball?

The bump is called the forearm pass.

In volleyball is the bump also known as the backhand pass?

It is a common mistake the the bump is called the backhand pass in volleyball, it's actually called the FOREARM PASS.

In volleyball the bump is also known as the backhand pass?

It's called the forearm pass.

In volleyball the bump is also known as the backhand pass True or False?

False, it's known as the forearm pass.

Is the bump in volleyball also called backhand pass?


In volleyball what is the bump also known as?


In volleyball is the bump aslo called the backhand pass?

the forearm pass.

In volleyball a forearm hit is also known as?

a bump

What is the attack in volleyball?

An attack in volleyball is when you are going up to hit a spike off of a set or a bump. This hit can also be known as a kill.

What is a bump pass in vollyball?

A bump pass is when a player stretches their arms out in front of them and puts their hands together, one hand on top of the other, and thumbs next to each other. When a volleyball is thrown or hit, you use your forearms, just above your wrist, also known as your platform, to pass the volleyball up in the air.

When is a bump used in volleyball?

You use a bump after the opposing team hits or serves the ball over. It is also refered to as a dig.

Define bump in volleyball?

A bump in volleyball is were you but your hands together do your arms are in a v shape and when the volleyball comes over the net you want to hit the volleyball with your forearm if you hit above the elbow you are not hitting it correctly. You also don't want to cross your fingers because if you go to bump the ball and the ball it's your fingers and they are crossed it could break tyour finger(s).

What are three types of hits in volleyball?

The three types of hits in volleyball are: * Bump * Set * Spike There are also serves (underhand and overhand).

How do you say volleyball bump in French?

The volleyball bump is "la manchette" (feminine noun, from manche - sleeve) in French.

What is a forearm bounce pass in volleyball called?

A bump

What is a bump in volleyball?

A bump is an under hand pass using only the flat platform you make with your forearms while playing volleyball.

What is a forearm pass also known as?


What type of hit should you receive an incoming serve with in volleyball?

You should hit it with an underhand pass, otherwise known as a bump.

Pass in volleyball?


What is the pass in volleyball?

A Bump.

What does bump in volleyball mean?

In volleyball terms, bump is a way of hitting the ball. A bump usually occurs with two interlocked hands from underneath the ball, and generally is used to keep the ball from hitting the ground.

What are the different terminologist in volleyball?

Well there are many terminologies in volleyball. Most are obvious, like serve. Others include "Bump" (also called a "Dig"), "Set", & "Spike" (also know as "Hit" or "Kill")

What is bump pass in volleyball?


What is a perfect play in volleyball?


What is a type of forearm pass in volleyball?