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Q: What is it called when you walk while holding the ball?
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What are the balls that you can walk on water with called?

Big ball thing

What is it called when you walk with the ball without bouncing it?

It is called "traveling" in basketball, which is a violation where a player moves one or both of their feet illegally without dribbling the ball.

Is a walk and a travel the same thing in basketball?

SLIDING IS DEFINITELY A TRAVEL IN BASKETBALL.BECAUSE U CAN SKIP A DISTANCE WITHOUT DRIBBLING OR THROWING 1-2 STEPS BY SLIDING-WHICH IS ILLEGAL..... The answer above is incorrect. You may slide the entire length of the gym with the ball, as long as you don't roll over or try to get up, and it is not travelling: 25.2.3 Player falling, lying or sitting on the floor:  It is legal when a player falls and slides on the floor while holding the ball or, while lying or sitting on the floor, gains control of the ball.  It is a violation if the player then rolls or attempts to stand up while holding the ball. Art.

Is the batter out if he touches someone before he reaches first base after hitting the ball or being forced to first on a walk?

After a walk, no. After hitting the ball, no, unless when he "touches" someone he is interfering with a play on a batted ball, in which case he could be called out for interference.

Can a batsman be out if the ball hits his glove which is not holding the bat?

Yes. Except no balls, what ever the ball you touch with the bat will be counted as a legal delivery. So even if it is a wide ball, if you touch the ball with your bat it'll be counted as a legal delivery and if they catch the ball you will have to walk back to the pavilion :)

If batter hit on hand while bunting does he walk?

If the batter is hit while still holding the bat across the plate attempting to bunt, then it is called a strike. But, if the batter pulls back the bat and gets hit by the pitch then he goes to first with a HBP.

Whats it called when elephants walk trunk to tail?

This behavior is known as "trunk-to-tail walking" or "trunk-to-tail holding." It is a form of social bonding and communication among elephants, where they walk in a line while holding each other's tails or trunks to stay connected and maintain coordination within the group.

What is the term when a pitch is thrown outside of the strike zone?

It's called an intentional walk.

Pokemon sapphire how to get lite ball?

To get light ball, go to Safari zone and walk around at the first pile of grass you see. Catch any pikachu you see, they're quite rare. After you caught some, check them if they're holding anything, mostly nothing, less likely to have an oran berry, only 5% of them holding light ball,

Is the batter out if the pitcher accidentally hits the ball to the batter?

No when the batter gets hit by the ball it is called and walk and the batter gets to go to first base

When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

How does the normal position of a human foot differ from that of the cat?

Humans walk using their heel and the ball of their foot. Some people walk heel to toe while others walk on the ball of their foot. Cats walk on their toes. In terms of the position of the foot while resting, the human foot is typically level with the ground. Cats sit with their back paws level to the ground but only the toes of their front paws touch the ground when they are sitting.