What is a stock in paintball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The stock is the wooden or plastic part of the gun that is braced against the shoulder for firing.

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The part that holds against your shoulder.

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it is an additional butt end to the gun that helps you stabalize the gun

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Q: What is a stock in paintball?
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How do you put a spyder stock on a spyder paintball gun?

Disassemble the gun, and replace the back cap with the stock or take it to a paintball store, and ask them to.

What is paintball stock symbol?

I believe that they are a private company.

What stock does the alpha black paintball marker use?

The tippmann 98 stock.

What is internal air in paintball?

Air is the source of power for the paintball marker. It is the pressure that moves all of the internal parts (unless electrical) and physically moves the paintball out of the barrel.

What does air through stock mean for paintball guns?

An air through stock is usually where the guns stock is your gas tank, making the military sim look more authentic

Is a piranha gti paintball gun upgradeable?

Yes, many dealers have upgrades in stock. Check

How long is a paintball gun?

It depends which one. A stock Tippmann 98 with stock barrel and angled tank is about thirty inches across from barrel tip to where the tank would be.

What brand of paintball markers that does not chop and is very accurate?

The proto slg is very accurate even with the stock barrel

Does etek 2 paintball marker come with cure 2 bolt?

No, the stock bolt is just the Cure 1 bolt.

Where can one find discounted paintball accessories?

One can find discounted paintball accessories from Just Paintball, Paintballing, Discount Paintball, Zephyr Paintball, Outpost Paintball, Paintball UK and Armed Paintball stores.

How much is a used tippman 98 custom paintball marker worth?

A used stock Tippman is worth around $80-$100

Which paintball gun is better the spyder mr1 or the project salvo?

The salvo has more accessories and has a better feed neck and stock then the Mr1.