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A used stock Tippman is worth around $80-$100

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โˆ™ 2016-04-30 22:19:18
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Q: How much is a used tippman 98 custom paintball marker worth?
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The value of tippman 98 custom paintball gun?

About 120 to buy. Its worth about 100, but you could only sell it at 80 or 90.

What is an 18yr old tippman prolite paintball gun worth?

Sadly not that much. To the point where it may not even be worth it. Tippmann have a poor resale value, and the prolite are no different.

Can you convert paintball marker to BB gun?

Not easily. The modification would cost more that it is worth.

How much is the first piranha pump paintball gun worth?

Which marker. Piranha does not make a pump gun i believe.

How much money is an Angel 05 Speed paintball marker worth?

Roughly $2-300 depending on the condition

How much psi does it take to shoot one paintball?

It really depends on the type of paintball marker (this is the official term for a paint-ball gun) one is using, along with what type of gas you are firing it with, and what the weather is like (seriously!). Most commonly, an average marker will operate efficiently at about 300-350 PSI, and is the limit for most professional paintball courses. But again, it can very greatly depending upon what you are using. I recommend researching your particular weapon and finding out how it would best work, it will take some tweaking, but its worth the trouble!

What is a pirhana gti paintball gun worth?

around 90 dollars.

How much is a vexor game face paintball gun worth?

. $38

What is 5000 custom gold units worth in US dollars?

how much is 5000 custom gold units worth in U.S currency

Is a Spyder Xtra paintball gun worth the cost of it?

basically the answer is it is totally wearth it

How much is it to paint ball?

Paintball is an expensive sport, but is well worth it providing a great thrill. Equipment is what costs you as the average marker tanka nd hopper setup will be $300-400. To play one day with rental is around 35-70 dollars.

How much is a piranha Evo paintball gun worth?

Around 75-100 dollars.

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