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53 runs Vs Australia

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Q: What is Pakistan's lowest ever test cricket score?
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What is the lowest ever score of Australia against India in Test Cricket?

The lowest ever score by Australia in Test Cricket against India is 83 at Melbourne in 1981.

What is Australia's lowest ever cricket score?

Australia's lowest total in a Test match innings was recorded at Edgbaston against England in 1902. Australia were bowled out for 36.

Lowest ever county cricket score for an innings?

Well county cricket I don't know but I know that in 1903 a team in shropshire were bowled out for 2, other than that i don't know

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What was Donald Bradman's highest run ever?

Donald Bradman's highest score in Test Cricket was 334 and in First Class Cricket 452(not out).

Who was the first batsman ever to score duck in test cricket?

E J Gregory of Australia.

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