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Q: Who is the youngest player ever to score a CENTURY in cricket at any level?
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Who is the youngest professional football player in the world?

wrong the youngest player ever was Mauricio Baldivieso who made his debut in a top level bolivian club at just 12

Sachin started playing at what age?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket at the Test level at the age of 16. He is the youngest debutant for India in cricket. In his debut series he toured Pakistan in 1989-90.

Which among these is not a form of cricket at international level?

backyard cricket

What is the password of stick cricket ashes dominator for level 4?

The answer for level 4 stick dominator is #sexy cricket

Which Australian cricket player has a grey-nicolls bat?

Most cricket players at the national level actually have a custom made cricket bat. The Grey Nicholls (or other) logo on the bat is just a sponsorship endorsement, not the maker of the bat themselves.

Does japan have a cricket team?

not at international level.

Did Alan Brazil play cricket for England?

Alan Brazil, capped thirteen times as a football player for Scotland between 1980 and 1983, never played cricket at any level of the professional game.

Who is the youngest to play for England?

Theo Walcott is the youngest player to play at international level for England. He was 17 years and 75 days old when he played in England's victory over Hungary in May 2006. England won 3-1. Theo Walcott is also the youngest player to ever score a hatrick for England, which he did against Croatia in 2008.

How old was the youngest level 5 in gymnastics?

I can't give you an exact answer, but the youngest I know was my Chinese friend, maddie. She was 6 years old, and is now 8, and in level eight.

How do you join cricket?

First you have to join cricket academy.Then play domestic cricket and when you become good enough in domestic matches the selectors will choose you for international level.

What are the passwords for stick cricket ashes dominator for level 3?

The password of level two is "porkpie".................

Can you join mrf pace academy. if you didnt play any district level cricket. if you are a ordinary person?

Dear Sir, My name is Anil Kumar and my father name is sh. Roop Lal. Allready I have taken coaching from cricket academy. But now i am doing practice in my home and i want to join your Academy. I did not play for district level cricket so please help me and send me your full address of Cricket Academy address. Sir, i from Jammu & Kashmir at here not good facilities for any cricket player.

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