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If the batter leaves the field of play he is considered out, otherwise, the fielder can throw to first, or relay it to first base for the force out.

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Q: What if a batter doesn't run out a batted ball to first base because he thought the outfielder was going to catch it and the ump calls it a trap?
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How many players are there on the field at one time for team in softball?


Bases are loaded 2 outsand batter hits fly ball to outfield outfielder catches ball in his hat is the batter out?


Standing in baseball?

I am not sure what you were going for when you typed this but here's what I thought of: In baseball you have outfielder, infielder, batter, pitcher, and striker. Uses: Outfielder: The outfilder stands in the outfield and catches far-flying balls. Infielder: The infielder stands a little farther in than the outfielder, and catches not as far-flying balls that go just outside the base diamond. Batter: The batter stands at home plate and hits the balls the pitcher throws with a bat. Pitcher: The pitcher throws a ball for the batter to hit and tries to make him/her miss the ball with the bat. Striker: The striker sits crouched behind the batter and catches missed balls (strikes--hence the term "striker"). And yes, guys, I am a girl and I am 13 (when I wrote this). ----------1-18-11----------

Ball hit under outfielders legs a hit?

If a batter gets a base hit to the outfield that would normally be a single but the ball goes through the legs of an outfielder and the batter winds up on third base, the play would be scored as a single and an error on the outfielder. Depends on the determination of the "official scorer". If the ball goes under the outfielder's legs and, in the official scorer's opinion, it could have been fielded with ordinary effort, and the batter or runners advance an additional base or bases, it would be an error allowing the runners, and/or hitter to advance. If, however, the ball goes under the outfielder's legs and, in the scorers opinion, could not have been fielded by ordinary effort, an error is not necessarily scored on the play.

Runner on third and less than two outs. The batter hits a foul fly ball that is caught. The runner tags up and scores. Does the batter get an RBI?

By rule, there are four criteria for a sacrifice fly. 1) The ball is hit to the outfield, 2) The batter is out because an outfielder made the catch or an infielder made the catch in the outfield, 3) There are less than two outs, 4) A runner already on base scores after the catch. The official scorer has the option of giving a batter a sacrifice fly in instances when all four rules are not met. For example, if the outfielder drops what appeared to be an easy fly ball, the scorer could charge the outfielder with an error and award the batter a sacrifice fly. The answer to this question is yes, the batter would be awarded an RBI.

What are two ways that the batter can be out in baseball?

three strikes and fielder or outfielder catches ball without dropping it.

Are there any circumstances by which a batter that reaches base due to an error can get an RBI?

yes, for example with a runner on 3rd with less than 2 out, if he hits a ball deep enough to be a sacrifice fly but the outfielder drops it, the batter will get an RBI because he would have got one without the error

Is anyone credited with a run batted in when a runner steals home?

No because the batter had nothing to do with the runner scoring.

After hitting a fly ball the batter assuming it will be caught for an out jogs toward and almost to the dugout the outfielder drops the ball and the batter runs to first Is he safe?

if the ball doesnt get to the first baseman before the batter does than yes, the batter would be safe and then benched(hence jimmy rollins)

Is a double batted ball a fair ball if batted?

No, it is a dead ball and the batter is out.

What is ruling for sac fly in slow pitch softball when fielder bobbles ball?

A sacrifice fly is credited to the batter only if a run scores. A runner who moves from second to third base does not result in a sacrifice fly for the batter. A sacrifice fly is not counted as a time at bat [batter is 0 for 0] and the batter is credited with [at least 1] a run batted in. The bobble is a moot point as the runner can tag up and run upon the first touch by the fielder. Otherwise, an outfielder could intentionally bobble/juggle a ball all the way back to the infield.

Batter hits the ball with one foot out of the batters box?

If the batter makes contact with a batted ball while in the batter's box, it is a "dead" ball and declared foul. ---------- True enough, sort of. If a batted ball touches the batter while he is still in the batter's box, then it is foul. However, if the batter hits the ball, and it comes to rest in the batter's box or the batted ball is touched by a defensivce player while it is in the batter's box, and the ball did not touch the batter, it is either fair or foul, depending on the position of the ball at the time it came to rest or was touched by a defensive player. The front portion of the batter's box is in fair territory, and if a batted ball comes to rest or is touched by a defensive player in that part of the batter's box, then it's a fair ball.