What does roof mean in volleyball?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A roof is a term where you block your opponent's spike and the ball hits the floor immediately

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block basically

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Q: What does roof mean in volleyball?
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What is roof mean in volleyball?

Roof is usually a cheer yelled by a team when they successfully block the opposing team.

Can player smash the ball in volleyball?

I think you mean spike the volleyball, and yes you can

What was the use of the volleyball?

To have fun, strengthen your arms, compete, improve, and make new friends! :)

What does Morgan mean in volleyball?

Well William Morgan invented volleyball so it has something to do with his last name.

What does shift in volleyball mean?

to move over

What does mean co ed volleyball?

Co-ed volleyball is when both guys and girls play on the same team.

Where was volleyball first played in?

in the USA da? not to be mean

What does ws in volleyball mean?


What does ms mean in volleyball statistics?

master sprot

Is it easier to get hurt in indoor volleyball or outdoor volleyball?

You can get hurt in both but indoor volleyball should be in wood, i mean, the floor, so if you fall you will hurt more than in the grass or sand.

What happens if the volleyball hits the pole in volleyball?

I am assuming that you mean the red and white pole attached to the net, and if the volleyball touches that during the game, the other team would get the point and the ball

What does the term linesman mean in volleyball?

The linesmen are officials in Volleyball games. They stay on the edge on the court and assist the 1st referee on in/out calls.