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I think you mean spike the volleyball, and yes you can

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Q: Can player smash the ball in volleyball?
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What is a smash in volleyball?

Smash is when a hitter spikes or hits the ball to the other side. The ball must go downward to be a kill to be a 'smash'. (kill= when you spike the ball really hard and no one touches it.)

In volleyball what does it mean to smash the ball overarm into the opponent's court?

That would be spiking the ball

What is to smash the ball overarm into the opponents court in volleyball?


What is a doublehit in volleyball?

A double hit in volleyball is when the same player contacts the ball twice without another player touching the ball.

What does a power do in volleyball?

The power players job is to smash the ball, receive serves, and of course serve.

What is a volleyball smash and how do you perform it?

the setter sets the ball in the air you run up jump and slap the ball as hard as you can over the net

What is a volleyball assist?

A volleyball assist is when a player (usually the setter) sets the ball to a hitter and the hitter gets a kill. The player who sets the ball gets the assist.

What is a different name for volleyball?

for volleyball- v-ball,v.b.,voll ball. for volleyball player- volleyballer,v-baller,vollballer,or just plain baller

Which player serves the ball in volleyball?

Anyone that is on the court serves the ball.

Is a volleyball player spiking a ball kinetic energy?


Can a player hit the ball twice in a row when playing volleyball?

no a player can only hit the ball once

Can a volleyball player hit the ball twice?


Service in volleyball?

Service is when the player serves the ball.

What is a hitter in volleyball?

It is a player who hits the ball with its hands.

Can a volleyball player hit the ball twice in a row?


Can a volleyball player hold or lift or carry the ball?


What is held ball in volleyball?

a held ball is like when a player sets they catch the ball then throw it again

When is a player allowed to hit the volleyball twice?

If the player hits the ball, and the ball is blocked, that player may hit the ball again. Similarly, if the player blocks a ball, but it lands on the player's side of the court, that same player may touch the ball again.

How many times should the player hit the ball in volleyball?

Each player can only hit the ball once in a row.

Is a player allowed to touch the net when spiking a ball in volleyball?


What is the name of player assigned to set the ball of volleyball?

The setter

What is a receiver in volleyball?

A receiver in volleyball is the person who the ball is sent too. For example, if i serve the ball, the receiver may be any player on the other side of the net.

What is a dig in volleyball?

A dig is when the ball is very low and the player still is able to hit it, it is called "digging the ball". Most times when digging the ball the player will "dive" for the ball.

What is the setting in volleyball?

Setting in volleyball is when a player hits the ball over the net in a forward pass motion. The ball is hit off the finger tips and not spiked with the fist.

Can a player touch the ball twice if first touch was a block in volleyball?