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You can get hurt in both but indoor volleyball should be in wood, i mean, the floor, so if you fall you will hurt more than in the grass or sand.

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Q: Is it easier to get hurt in indoor volleyball or outdoor volleyball?
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Has a famous volleyball player gotten hurt?

In every sport it is possible for somebody to get hurt, so a famous player probably has gotten hurt before, but that doesn't neccesarily mean that volleyball is a dangerous sport!

Can volleyball be what's causing your knees to hurt all the time?


Can girls get hurt easier then boys?


How do you smash in volleyball?

hit the volleyball downwards into the other side of the court. do this with the bottom of your palm. if you do it with the flat of your hand it is more than likely to hurt. ;)

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What is the best way to hit the volleyball so that it wont hurt your arm or your hand?

Hit it with your head.

How is the Achilles tendon injured?

You could hurt it by over working it. I hurt mine in Volleyball because i spiked the ball and landed to hard on it. Just Take it easy.

What are the safety considerations for volleyball?

For volleyball, the most important thing is to stretch. It is very easy to pull a muscle or get hurt in volleyball. Then, it is very good to use knee pads which cushion your knees when you go on the ground for a ball. It prevents scratching and bruising.

Should there be more than 6 players on a volleyball team?

well...ya what if a player gets hurt

Is volleyball safe?

yes of course the ball is kind of soft so it wont hurt if you get hit in the head

Does air in a volleyball make it heavier or lighter?

lighter and at the same time it makes it hurt worse to hit it

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